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Round 9: October 2013

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Owen Fox is 31 years old.

(Stephanie December is 41 years old.)
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Round 9: September 2013

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Tina February is 38 years old.

(Liam and Liliana February are 9 months old.)

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This is the last thing I ever thought I’d do: become a mother.

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However, these two children are somewhat infamous and they have nowhere else to go.

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Of course, Val would be causing trouble even beyond the grave. He knocked up one more woman before he died, and while she was lapping up the attention of having the youngest of his very large brood (after she managed to get a DNA test to prove that she wasn’t making it up), she ended up having a nervous breakdown. She didn’t have any family and I couldn’t let her twins go into the foster care system, so I adopted them.

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Fortunately, they’re good babies, so they fit right into my lifestyle. I don’t do much besides study anyway.

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Well, study and see my boyfriend. Steve’s a bit surprised by my decision, but we’re not even exclusive, so he can’t say much. He doesn’t seem to mind since he even comes over before I put them to bed and helps sometimes. Who knows? If we get serious, he might even make a good father for them. But I’m nowhere near ready to think about that. For now, I’m just being a fun aunt and happily single mom.

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Cynthia’s fourth child, Patrick Lee, is born. She is seriously considering getting her tubes tied. Or killing her husband. She told him that since he wants so many kids, he can take the time off work to care for him. Robert knows better than to disagree.

  • Title ref: Too Bad, So Sad – Metric.
  • Confession time. Eunice’s pregnancy glitched, so these kids are actually Luc and Marc’s siblings, but she was only supposed to have twins, so I shunted them off to Tina.
  • This is really the only thing of note that happened, which is why this update is so short.

Round 9: August 2013

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Jo March is 43, Kerensa is 25.
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Round 9: July 2014

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Joe Carr and Madison November are 41 years old and Rachel is 4.

(Mark is 43.)
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Round 9: June 2014

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Ken January is 43 years old, Amy is 41, Emily Anne and Evan are 10.

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Round 9: May 2014

Just one birthday in the June household.

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