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Round 9: February 2013

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Devlin October is 41, Christy is 37, Quentin and Rebecca are 4.

(Owen is 31.)
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Round 8: November 2012

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Airi February is 41, Ren is 16, and Rika is 9.

(Nate is 16.)
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Round 8: January 2012

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Devlin October is 40, Christy is 36, Quentin and Rebecca are 3, Owen Fox is 30.

(Dean is 40.)
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Round 7: November 2009

This was a busy month in Newtopia Heights!
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Round 7: January 2009

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Devlin October is 37, Christy is 33, Quentin and Rebecca are 2 months.

Dean is 37, Marie is 35, Nikki is 12, Julie is 4.
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Beth is feeling unusually comfortable now that her first trimester is behind her. And she can hardly feel the cold with a hot slice of pizza. Yes, the health buff is slipping, though you probably should make sure she doesn’t hear it; we’ll blame it on the hormones. Beth is due in May.

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