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Alastair May is 33 years old, Rainne September-May is 32, and Melantha is 4.

Narrated by Alastair May

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After months of trying, Rainne is finally pregnant. I’m so excited! I always wanted a big family, but after I was left alone with Mel I thought that would never happen. And now it looks like I’ll finally get my wish.

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Not to say I haven’t been content. We always eat breakfast together and I love spending time with my girls. Mel thinks it’s gross, but I’m a newlywed. She’ll probably feel the same way when she gets married. Hopefully not till 40.

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A new sibling would be good for Mel. While I love her dearly, I don’t want her to be a brat. She only knows a few other kids her age, and the one she likes the most, Nikki August, is three years older than her.

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On the other hand, I don’t want her to be a recluse. Being an only child, she knows how to entertain herself, but I don’t want to doom her to that for all of her childhood.

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The most important thing I want her to know is that she is still loved the same, even as she’s losing her play room to her old crib and changing table that I’d put in storage after she outgrew them. That’s why I’m going out of my way to be loving toward her, especially with tucking her in. I might as well, with all the sleepless nights I’ve been having.

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Rainne has made me realize how light a sleeper I am. As soon as she stirs, I’m instantly awake. And she doesn’t sleep well with a baby constantly kicking her. So since we’re both up, I keep her company while she cooks and reads and tries to wait the baby out so she can fall asleep again.

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It’s only getting harder with each day. I know Rainne will be happy when the due date arrives. I think my relief will be as much as hers; I’ll finally get a full night’s sleep again.

  • Title ref: The Other Side – Evanescence.
  • It hasn’t been for lack of trying, and finally, I get my first planned baby. I was starting to think there was something wrong with Rainne’s plumbing. And she wouldn’t have been eligible for fertility treatments for three years. Good thing those shouldn’t be necessary.
  • They both have big IFS numbers, if I remember correctly. I know Rainne’s is four, and Al’s is like four or five. They haven’t become independently wealthy though, so I don’t know if they’ll even have more than two.
  • Mel hasn’t been really friendly with Rainne this time around. She’s quite the moody kid. But they’ve finally become friends, just in time for her new sister or brother to arrive.

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