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Madison November is 32.

(Joe Carr is 32.)

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I thought living alone would be great. No annoying big brother, no messes to clean up, no having to listen to his strange job stories. But I am getting a little lonely. And apparently, Mark helped with the bills more than I thought. They’re getting a little high for me. So I thought and budgeted and finally came up with a solution.

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Joe Carr has a good job, is mostly quiet, is madly in love with me and has no problem making people that cross us regret it.

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I do most of the cooking. He says he cooks as well as me, but I’ve yet to see him cook something without burning it.

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He is Mr. Fixit. I can’t even unclog a toilet correctly, he says. And lately everything’s been breaking down.

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He currently works as a cop, but he’d rather work as a lawyer. I’d rather he switch careers too. I worry about him when he’s on the streets.

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Besides, if something happened to him out there, who would I cuddle up to at night?

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He even paid 2/3 of the ยง15,000 settlement I had to pay for hosting an event where some kid got a concussion.

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I wish he had been home when someone stole my car though. And the policeman who responded to my call didn’t even seem to care! He just shrugged and left.

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Joe knows that I can’t be left alone too long now. And that’s a good thing; he’s hinting that maybe he might be buying me a ring! I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it can’t be a bad thing; then he’ll be sure to be around all the time!

  • Title ref: One More Night – Cascada.
  • I’m grudgingly letting Joe Carr join the neighborhood. Though I was less angry about it when I found he had ยง23,160 worth of stuff in his backpack. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He won’t be getting a page until the end of the round, though. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Madison can be loving, I’ve found. It’s only to those that she deems worthy of it, though.
  • Those two have been going at it like rabbits. I was totally expecting another unplanned baby, but Madison is less fertile than some of my other sims. Yay?
  • And yes, he has a want to propose. She has no want, but she has a fear of engagement rejection. So I take it that she’s thinking about this positively.

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