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Ken January is 34 years old, Amy is 32, Emmy and Evan are 10 months.

(John March is 69, Meg March is 36, Jo March is 34, Beth March is 33.)

Narrated by Ken January

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Having twins is a job in itself. Now I understand Chris‘s situation and why Stephanie is so cranky, cause it’s happening with me and Amy.

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One of them always needs feeding or changing, and if one sees the other with one of us, then they start crying.

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Especially Emmy. I fear I’m dealing with a diva already, and she can’t even walk yet! She’s so fussy and neither of us know what to do with her.

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I help when I can, but if I’m not working, I’m looking for work. This isn’t exactly a big star power city, so people in show business have to commute. And I still haven’t gotten my big break yet.

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Amy says all I need to do is work on my acting more and do some crunches and I’ll be set, but that’s what I do at work. When I get home, I play with the kids, cook dinner, and then watch TV.

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I have to do all the cooking, because Amy is hopeless in the kitchen. Anything that involves more than mixing, she will somehow mess up. The fire department knows us well by now.

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We invited all her family over because she was missing them. They all came, and John and Meg just avoided each other the whole time. At least those two are making an effort not to argue.

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Meg spent most of her time in the nursery, snuggling up with the twins. She loves babies, and I know she can’t wait till she gets married and has her own.

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Beth soon followed; she hasn’t seen the kids much since they were born. She’s been either working or helping her fiance through his family troubles.

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Even Jo, of all people, got in on the act. And she is definitely not the cooing over babies type. But she did say they were cute. That made Amy light up like a Christmas tree.

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We’ve been exhausted these days, so no late nights for us. That’s weird for us, especially for me. I never used to fall asleep before midnight. Now we’re in bed by 10, and praying they don’t wake up before 6.

  • Title ref: A Neverending Dream – Cascada.
  • I know you can’t see them well, but there they are. Just like last time, fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Yes, since that happened, I gave them the same names: Emily Anne and Evan Neil January.
  • Amy’s right about Ken. All he needs is another body point and another charisma point. But Ken’s a lazy bum. I don’t mind. Amy is getting skill points, and therefore, making up for him.
  • Jo going up there was completely autonomous. It’s so out of her character to interact with a baby that I had to get a picture.
  • Meg and John avoiding each other was also autonomous. I’m glad. Maybe that means she’s finally trying to grow up.

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