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Alastair May is 35 years old, Rainne September-May is 34, Melantha is 6, Cassandra, Ava, and Jackson are 8 months.

Narrated by Rainne September-May

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Now that the babies are 8 months, things seem to be settling down a bit. Yes, I said babies. We found out halfway through the pregnancy that I would be having twins. But it wasn’t until I went into labor that doctors noticed a third one in there. So now I have two girls and a surprise boy: Cassandra Grace, Ava Scarlett and Jackson Alexander. He may have been a surprise, but now that he’s here I couldn’t imagine life without him.

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I’ve taken a long leave of absence from my job. I had to, otherwise the kids–all of them–would have to have been in the care of a nanny. I never wanted to do that. Besides, it’s hard to find one willing to take care of four, especially when three of them can’t walk, talk or use a toilet. I’ll have to decide soon whether I want to go back to work when the kids are older or become a stay at home mom.

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Mel says she can take care of them all by herself. I laughed and tried to explain as gently as I could that it was a lot of work and she needed to be in school so she can have the best life she can.

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I’m so glad our relationship has improved so much. I know she’ll be an easy girl to take care of and she loves her brother and her sisters, even though they don’t do much yet. It certainly makes Al worry less about the five of us home by ourselves, since he doesn’t get home till six.

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As soon as he pulls up, Mel runs out to give him a hug. It’s so sweet to watch.

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When he gets home, he takes over nighttime duty, which helps me get dinner on the table, get Mel ready for bed and do something relaxing like call a friend, read a book or take a long bath.

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We’ve both decided that this is it for now. Maybe if it had just been Cassie and Ava, we would have tried again in a few years, but with Jackson added, it’s been very hectic. We’ll give ourselves time to enjoy our already big family before deciding if we want to have any more.

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And being home all day has given me the time and energy to lose the weight that has plagued me all my life. I’ve slimmed down to a healthy weight and Al and Mel are proud of me.

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Al is especially happy because he’s always talking about how much weight affects lifespan and quality. And he jokes that he needs me here to take care of the kids for a while yet. He just got a promotion, but he still doesn’t make enough money to lose me anytime soon.

  • Title ref: Beautiful Life – Charlotte Martin.
  • How did I get trips? Everything got corrupted. When I set her inTeen biological clock to immediate delivery, the number of babies jumped from one to two, but there was no delivery. I used InTeen, the tombstone of L&D, deleted her, even tried aborting and restarting the pregnancy with no luck. Finally moved her out and back in, and she delivered two girls. Fine. Then she starts waving her hand and spinning again. I end up with a surprise boy. Shocked, but pleased.
  • They are going on birth control after this. I remember the December trips as toddlers and I’m already dreading that stage for these three. They don’t need another pregnancy on top of that.
  • Rainne has been draining her maternity leave to stay home with them. She doesn’t seem to have any desire to go back to work, so she might very well become a stay-at-home mom. At least until I get a school up and running. Rainne has a degree; she can become a teacher.
  • Al was quiet this round, but I am glad he got a promotion. Those kids aren’t going to feed themselves.
  • Mel seems mostly uninterested in the trips, but I’m hoping that changes when they get older.

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