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Madison November and Joe Carr are 33.

Narrated by Joe Carr

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Madison and I have been living together for the past two years. It’s been an arrangement that has worked well for the both of us.

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We always get along well, whether we’re having dinner or in more private pursuits.

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I’ve not made any secret of the fact that I want more out of our relationship than what we currently have. Does that make me selfish? I’ve put two years into Madison, and I’m not getting a clear signal that we’re not going to move anywhere.

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And it’s not just about the sex, even though that’s a very nice perk. If it was just that, I probably would have ended things a long time ago.

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I love that she loves sports as much as I do. I don’t have to explain the rules as we watch the game; that’s rare for a female.

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I admire her dedication to her job. Although she’s doing something she loves, so what’s the saying? She’ll never work a day in her life or something like that. She’s lucky; I really want to switch jobs, but there are no openings in my preferred field.

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And she’s so intelligent and informed, despite never having gone to college. You’d never be able to tell.

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I want to make this woman my wife, but I don’t know if she’ll have me. I’m willing to wait a bit longer, but in the end, I’ll have to ask if I want my happy ending. I only hope by then that I know her answer will be yes. I’d hate to know all this was for nothing.

  • Title ref: This Is My Life – Fefe Dobson.
  • They now both have an engagement want, but I’ve got engagement fatigue. So I’m putting them off till next round.
  • I actually enjoyed writing from Joe’s perspective. Who’d’ve thunk?

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