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Alastair May is 37 years old, Rainne is 36, Melantha is 8, Cassandra, Ava, and Jackson are 2.

Narrated by Alastair May

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I can hardly believe all that’s happened to my family in such a short time.

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First, my babies became toddlers. Suddenly our schedules didn’t just revolve around their feedings and changings, but also trying to teach three little people to walk, talk and use the potty on their own.

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It’s not nearly as big a deal as some people seem to think it is. Just multiply your work and your reward by 3.

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I know it can be stressing on Rainne, though, since she’s home with the kids all day every day, so when I’m home I help however I can.

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I also try to make sure Mel doesn’t feel left out. There’s always some kind of commotion going on, so I spend as much time as I can spare from the kids with her. It’s been a big change from having just me, to having me and Rainne, to having me, Rainne and the triplets.

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Most of the time the triplets get along well and play by themselves easily, though there’s been a couple of occasions where someone, usually Jackson, has been hitting someone else over a toy.

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Best of all, they are a team that stick together and are friends. I only wish Mel was closer to their age so she could be part of that.

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She has Ava on her side, at least, when it comes to getting a pet. Mel’s been trying to get a pet since before we moved here, and I just don’t think it’s a good idea with so many of us in the house. I’m sure the dog or cat would be forgotten in the chaos.

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Rainne has been approached about leaving the garage for the classroom, but she’s been hesitant. The triplets are still too small to go to school and she’s anxious about leaving them with a sitter.

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I told her to do whatever she felt was best and I would support her, until the impossible happened.

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Rainne heard a loud thud coming from Mel’s room and went to see what had happened. She thought something had fallen over, and came in to find Mel on the floor on her side with her limbs drawn in and stiff as a board. When Rainne touched Mel, Mel started shaking uncontrollably. Of course, Rainne called emergency services immediately.

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We brought her home after several days in the hospital thinking it was all over, until it happened again. This time, the stay was much shorter, and she was diagnosed with epilepsy. I’ve been doing some research, and there’s no easy fix. We’ll have to live with it. Medication, diet changes, even surgery may or may not work, but Mel’s a strong kid, and we’ll support her. Funnily enough, this makes the strongest case for a pet, but it will be a service animal to watch her when we can’t.

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Interestingly, this made Rainne accept the offer of a teaching position at the new school opening next year. She insisted that someone had to keep an eye on Mel since she was starting medication to control the seizures, and the best way she could do it was to be with Mel. So my wife will be starting her new job after Labor Day 2008.

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Mel isn’t sure how she likes this new arrangement. She’s already got this new condition to deal with and now she’s adding a new school where her mom is a teacher. I’ve told her it will be fine. She’s dubious, but is willing to wait and see how it works.

  • Title ref: Nothing But the Water – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
  • Sickly trait carrier #2: Mel. I did warn you. But she’s lucky; most sufferers of epilepsy can lead normal lives. There is a small chance of something going wrong, but it’s unlikely. Besides, I like her.
  • The toddlers are adorable, and I swear they all look alike. Same skin, eyes, hair and cute pudgy face (I think from Rainne). I can’t wait for these three to grow up.
  • I needs teachers. Whoever can be spared from their jobs, playable and NPC alike, will find themselves in the education field. Rainne didn’t have a career related LTW, so she could be spared. You’ll find a few people suddenly moved to different careers. We’ll just chalk it up to Meg being very persuasive.
  • Rainne has had a baby fear all round, so I put her on birth control. Very unusual for a family sim. I’m chalking it up to a fear of having multiples again, especially since she is now over 35. I’m not complaining though; four is plenty of kids for them and four is Rainne’s IFS. I’m counting Mel. Al’s never getting the 7 he wants.

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