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Meg did not remember it hurting this much. If she did, she never would have been so adamant about Noah having a sibling so soon. But it was too late to think about that. She had to call Jason, and an ambulance, and a sitter for Noah.

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Her fears and pains melted away when she looked into the tiny face of her second son, Simon.

She might have called her sister Amy to watch Noah, but she was busy throwing a birthday party for her own kids.

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Emily has such a grown up face for such a little girl. A very neat and playful girl, she isn’t sure how she feels about going to school, but she’ll go so her parents don’t get in trouble.

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Evan, on the other hand, is excited to start school. He can’t wait to meet all the new people. Naps he can do without, but he was sold on recess.

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Meg also might have called Beth, but she remembers those days of being super careful before having your first child. Beth will learn in time that she doesn’t need to act like the baby is an egg. She is due in April.

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