A bunch of birthdays in the August household!

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The first is Nikki August, the last of the original kids to age up.

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A shy, but nice and playful girl, she wants to have a pretty big family too; as much as she loves her mom, she was very lonely growing up an only child. She’s excited to be thinking about college, even as early as it is, and hopes that the kids she has one day are just as excited.

Just three weeks later, another two birthdays were celebrated.

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The slightly older of the twins, Vince, is a somewhat sloppy kid with a strong playful streak who will get along great with his oldest sister and his mom.

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The younger of the two, Ross, is a boy who already shows signs of liking things in their place. Once everything is settled down in their correct order, he will be content to run around playing with his brother.

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