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Joe Carr and Madison November are 35 years old.

(Mark is 38.)

Narrated by Madison November

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Joe asked me to marry him! He said he had been waiting patiently for me to be ready.

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I’m rather embarrassed to say I fainted. It was all too much. He can’t give me surprises right after work. My heart rate is already up and I’m full of adrenaline. I was almost sure he was leaving me.

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Of course, I accepted. I told Joe I wanted to get married immediately, and he was floored. He wanted to go through the year and a half of preparing for a big wedding. I thought I’d want that when the time came, but now that I’m here, I couldn’t care less. I want to be married right now. I convinced him that we’d have a big vow renewal ceremony in a few years.

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So a week later, we had over all our friends (we have a lot of friends!) and had a home wedding and reception. The money we save can be put toward something more important, like a car.

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Or a vacation. I’m just glad we skipped all the hoopla. This is the important part.

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There were a few extra pluses. My good for nothing brother did show, even if he didn’t even bother to wear a suit or bring a gift. Ehatever he is, he’s definitely my only family left.

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But I couldn’t believe the outpouring of love as I made my own family. It was absolutely perfect. Nothing could have gone wrong.

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And it was topped off by a lovely night, our first as husband and wife.

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After that, everything pretty much went back to normal.

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Well, mostly. A couple of weeks later, I started getting sick. I couldn’t keep anything down. Joe’s eyes started sparkling, and he starting musing if maybe I was pregnant. I hoped not. I was at the top of my career, and a child didn’t fit into my plans yet.

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He was so pleased to hear that he was right. We haven’t exactly been trying to prevent a pregnancy for me, and we’ve been together for years. I had no reason to believe that suddenly I would get pregnant on my wedding night.

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Joe’s been on kitchen duty ever since; the scent of food is enough to send me to the toilet, but I’m absolutely craving nectarine tarts.

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Joe has been bugging me to take up a low-impact hobby for when I go on maternity leave. He’s lucky that the Women’s World Cup was last year. If it was this year, this baby would be its youngest attendee.

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The annoying thing is I’ve always had a hard time keeping still. That’s why I never went to college. It would’ve been useless to me. I started art, but I didn’t realize the paint would be so strong, making my already queasy stomach worse. So I think I’ll switch to music. Piano doesn’t smell.

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We haven’t told anyone else yet; it’s still too early and I don’t want to do anything that might jinx this little person in here. After a couple more months, I’ll be ready to share the good news.

  • Title ref: And We Run – Within Temptation.
  • Madison wouldn’t have known, dropping off on the couch soon after the ceremony, but the wedding was absolutely insane. Joe was never so attractive as when he got married. But Madison has nothing to worry about; he turned every singe advance down. I’m proud of him. But this is the first time I’ve seriously considered having a character narrate twice in a row if there is a second option.
  • It’s so cliche, but funny that Madison would get pregnant on her wedding night. Baby November is due in March 2009.

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