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Dean October is 36 years old, Marie August is 35, Nikki is 12, Julie is 4, Vince and Ross are 1.

Narrated by Nikki August

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Summer school sucks.

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Everybody else has gone someplace cool; Ren‘s away at camp, and Nate‘s off with his mom.

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And as if all that isn’t bad enough, I’m grounded too! For the whole summer!

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I already know this was Dad’s idea; there’s no way Mom would be that mean. I asked him how could he do this to me, and he just says that if I’d been working hard during the school year I wouldn’t have to do it during the summer.

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They wouldn’t do that to Julie, I bet, but she’s found a few of my old workbooks and actually wanted me to show her how to write. I was never quite that motivated, but maybe that means she’ll just be really smart. That would be cool.

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In a couple of weeks, she was already starting to do them on her own. She’s going to really impress the teachers when she starts school in a couple of months.

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Speaking of kids, Vince and Ross are growing like little weeds. Little drooling, yelling weeds. Julie was never as loud as these two are.

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They are just the cutest though. I never really took the time to appreciate how much little kids grow until now. I kinda regret not paying attention when Julie was this size.

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I hope though that Mom and Dad aren’t taking this as a sign to have any more. We have enough rugrats running around and I am not sharing my room again.

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Mom and Dad have been starting to go out more now that the twins won’t freak out when the door closes. That means I’m in with the kids. I don’t mind that much though. They’re okay, and if I bribe Julie, she won’t tell Mom and Dad that I’m watching TV and talking on my phone.

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But Julie talks a lot, and I mean a lot. I can’t even enjoy breaking the rules because I can’t hear anything over her talking to me. I think Mom and Dad planned this.

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I’ve been good for three whole weeks, and Dad still won’t let up. He never would punish any of the other kids for this long.

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I heard him asking Mom if this was the beginning of the “you’re not my dad” phase, and she said she doubted it, but I’m not the kind of person to be cooped up working all the time. She gets it. But then she said that maybe I wouldn’t make it in college. What kind of thing is that to say? Of course I’ll make it in college. This year means nothing… right?

  • Title ref: Counting Stars – One Republic.
  • I don’t know if the ending seemed short or abrupt, but it felt like that was simply the end of the update.
  • Nikki gives off an interesting feel. On the one hand, she knows how she’s supposed to act, but she’s desperate to shake a little control. And despite that urge, she will instantly listen to her parents and always coos over her younger siblings. Despite her wanting to be an independent teen, she is almost incapable of doing so. She loves her family too much. To say nothing of the fact that adjusting to having siblings when she lived her first eight years without any has been hard on her.
  • She spent the whole round wanting to go steady with Ren. But it ain’t happening, girlie. His mom thinks he’s way too young to date and you’re grounded.
  • As can possibly be expected, more conversation between her and Dean ended in argument than not. Typical teen behavior.
  • She has an Insecure trait, which seems to me she’s unsure of her place within the family, as the only green-eyed brunette in a family of blondes and redheads with gray or brown eyes. What she doesn’t realize is that Dean has the same trait, which makes him nervous as to how to deal with his stepdaughter as opposed to his biological children. Even though he loves her the same, there are some things he just doesn’t get about her. And he’s heard enough stories about stepfathers and their stepchildren that he’s fearful it will happen here too. The poor things. They’re walking on eggshells around each other. They’ll figure it out.

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