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Andrew and Beth June are 36, Matthew is 4 months.

(John is 71.)

Narrated by Beth June

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Matt has been my pride and joy ever since he was born. I think it’s made me more empathetic to the couples I try to match to children that need families. I mean, I don’t know how I lived without my baby boy, now that he’s here.

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It’s even brought the family closer together. Like Meg always does, I had everyone over about a week after Matt was born, and it warmed my heart to see Meg and Papa smiling and joking around with each other. I knew they couldn’t stay mad at each other forever.

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Andy has encouraged me to go to work, or I’ll get cabin fever. I’ve been going part time for now, because I couldn’t imagine getting tired of Matt, and because I think Andy is indoctrinating Matt in some guy thing and I’m content to give him his privacy.

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Andy says Matt never gives him any trouble, and actually having him around is inspiring. He wants to create a completely baby-proof house. I think it would take a lot of time to develop, but he says our house is the first step, being ranch-style with no chance of falling down stairs. I’m sure the pool does a lot to negate that, though.

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When I’m home with Matt, Papa often comes over to keep me company. He talks about how happy he is to see and get to know his grandchildren before he dies. I wish he wouldn’t be so morbid. Mama’s death hit us all pretty hard, and his death wouldn’t be any better.

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Besides, he may have yet another grandchild to meet. I never get sick; the last time I got nausea like this, we found out we were having Matt.

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I attribute my healthiness to staying fit. I do tai chi and jog every day, well, no jogging since the nausea started but I still do tai chi.

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I hope to pass on my love of health to our son, and maybe our daughter?

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Until I know for sure, I’m going to continue a good diet, exercise and make an appointment to see if I’m getting my hopes up early or I really am about to have children 13 months apart, even worse than Mama. Though that thought makes me smile.

  • Title ref: Downfall – Matchbox Twenty.
  • To Beth’s credit, Andrew wants 3 if I remember correctly. So this isn’t just her implanting herself with nonstop babies. Though she has a want for another baby. We’ll see if it stops after this one.
  • Yes, she got pregnant again. And I was talking about Meg having two 15 months apart. Sorry Meg. Beth is due in May.
  • I find it funny that supposedly lazy Beth is more into fitness than her supposedly active husband.
  • If Beth ever decides she wants to move up in the world, she’ll need to get a master’s degree, but as you see, she’s busy being Susie Homemaker. Andy, on the other hand, is on the cusp of making his LTW. I’m proud of him.

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