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Frank April is 37 years old, Nate is 12 and Danny is 9.

(Jodie is 39, Nikki is 12.)

Narrated by Nate April

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Danny and I spent all summer with Mom. She’s got a cute little 3 bedroom house in the middle of this little spit of land that is just crowded with as much civilization as could fit on it. But what I was impressed about was that it had three bedrooms. Meaning all summer I had my own room.

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I didn’t get to go to the restaurant Mom works at, but I did make all the meals at home. And while I didn’t appreciate her looking over my shoulder half the time, she eventually lightened up and even complimented my cooking. She said that if I wanted to, I could be a professional chef. That was awesome.

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Then I had to go back to school, which sucked. Now that I’m out of elementary school, Dad has been watching me like a hawk. Like if he lets me out of his sight, something bad will happen.

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Sometimes I just want to turn around and yell, “I’m not Tommy! I’m not going to sneak out of the house and get squished like a pancake! You can stop following me around now!” But that would be mean, and Dad’s under enough stress.

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I’m not even sure I’m not just reacting to him being around a lot more now. He’s now head of all the stations in the Heights. With great power comes great perks. He works 9-6 now, so he’s there when we get up in the morning and home just in time to talk to me and play with Danny.

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All the extra time with Dad and now Danny wants to play soccer professionally. Just like Tommy did. Mom wants him to go to college first, in case it doesn’t work out. Dad hasn’t said anything. I’m not sure if he’s hoping Danny does it and doesn’t want to actually say it of if he’s ignoring it and hoping Danny forgets about it. I say whatever he wants he should do.

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He’s smart though, and not the impulsive type. He’d go to college first, so Mom and Dad have nothing to worry about.

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I don’t really know what happened, but Nikki got pretty over summer break. I feel dumb though. I keep stumbling over my words, and I can’t even look at her without looking like I’m mooning over her. It’s not even like that. It’s not like I’m saying we’re soulmates; she’s just prettier than she was last year.

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Danny and I have decided we like going to school here better than going to the next city over. Here the teachers are less strict, and I can keep an eye out on him. He doesn’t need my help, but I can tell him to get back to class when he and his little friend try to slip out. And since I can see what he’s up to, I have plenty of blackmail material for Dad. I love being a big brother.

  • Title ref: Take Me Away – Fefe Dobson.
  • Nate finally, FINALLY rolled out of the depression that has plagued him since his big brother died. Maybe because now he’s too busy worrying about girls and his dad suddenly being home to be depressed.
  • Nate has a HUGE crush on Nikki. Too bad she doesn’t even notice; her heart (at the moment) belongs to Ren. His best friend. Ouch. That’s girls for you.
  • Nate never got his first kiss, but something glitched and now it’s saying he did. I wonder if I can fix that.
  • A big thanks to whoever made the Three Shades of Grey house. I want to say I swiped that from Starr, but I’m not sure and I can’t be bothered to check. I’m writing this at 11pm and I’m tired. Anyway, Jodie is grateful. It’s perfect for her.

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