Round 7: June 2009

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Alastair May and Rainne September-May are 38 years old, Melantha is 10, Cassandra, Ava, Jackson and Riordan are 4.

Narrated by Rainne September-May

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It all happened so fast. Over a thirty minute conversation I found out that I have, well, had a twin; that if I thought my life sucked by not being adopted as a child, I could remember that being adopted was the worst thing that could have happened to Sunny; and that she had a son. Since I was the closest blood relative that they could find, they wanted to know if I was interested in taking custody of him.

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I told them I had to think about it, since I had four children of my own, but I was already sure that I wanted to take him. He was just a poor lost child in a big world, just like my sister and I were when our parents died. He needed someone to love him and care about him. And I was sure that Al and I and our children could provide that for my nephew.

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Of course, the first person I talked to about this was my husband. He agreed that the boy needs a good home, but we already had four children. Could we realistically take on a fifth? And the boy was likely to have emotional issues because of the seeming abandonment of his parents, even though they couldn’t help it. Were we prepared to deal with that? And this is on top of Mel’s epilepsy, getting her service dog acclimated to our house and the fact that we just found out that Cassie needs glasses.

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I managed to convince him to try it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll at least have tried, and if it does, I can raise my nephew with my children and make sure he has a good life.

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The next ones I told were the kids. They were full of questions, like if he would get his own room (no, he would be sleeping with the rest of them), if he was nice (I’m sure he would be, but if he isn’t, remember that he hasn’t had many people be nice to him), and if he would be going to school with them when they started in September (definitely yes).

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Al decided he wanted to tell Mel separately. She was less than thrilled, saying that she was already a prisoner in her own room and this would only make it worse. He was a little hesitant to tell me that she also said that if there were any more children in the house, it might as well be an orphanage, since he knew that would upset me. But I know she’s also going through a stage at the moment.

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She prefers to have her meals alone, even though breakfast on weekdays is the only time she can get away with it; dinner every day and all meals on weekends are eaten together.

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She sneers, for lack of a better word, if she sees Al and I showing affection toward each other.

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She has to be practically locked in her room to do her homework.

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As much as possible she tries to spend all her time with the dog. Grimalkin so far has not been needed in his service capacity and so far is just a distraction for the children.

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The day Ri came home to us was momentous, and I couldn’t be there to enjoy it. I had to be at school that day; it was the last day for the students so I had to be there to say my goodbyes to my kids for the summer and participate in all the last day of school activities. Al tried to put him at ease and it didn’t work.

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By the time I got home though, he had calmed down and was reading a book while the others watched TV, very loudly. I took that as a good sign and got comfortable.

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Mel was quick to tell me that Ri was “weird,” but he had already warmed to her and seemed to be under her spell.

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Mel’s word is gospel to the kids, including Ri. Anything she says they believe and when she tells them to do something, they do it. I don’t know how or why, but if they’re still listening to her by the time she’s old enough to start babysitting them, I’ll be relieved. Al and I will be able to go on dates again!

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Ri seems the most attached to me, maybe because since we have the same coloring he can recognize me as family. Or because he associates me with Sunny. The therapist wants to delve into this further on subsequent visits. We’ll have to meet with them once a month for a year.

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At least it helps me help him learn. He’s a bit behind the triplets, and I don’t want him to feel left out, so I’m working with him every day now that I’m on summer break. He’s learning quickly and I’m proud.

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We were robbed recently. It was so frightening! I’m so glad the children remembered what we taught them to do and didn’t leave Ri behind. Mel somehow slept through the whole thing.

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The worst part was that the police officer didn’t even seem to care. We told him what was missing, and he looked bored throughout the whole visit.

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After a few weeks, he’s started smiling, talking to the triplets and showering, which are huge accomplishments. Now I just need to convince him to let me cut his hair and get him some new clothes.

  • Title ref: Utopia – Within Temptation.
  • So, Mel got the Adoption ROS, but since she can’t adopt, I had Al and Rainne do it for her. Why Rainne’s nephew? I saw a chance to save the unaltered September name and I took it.
  • Now you see why I said there was no more room for another kid. I’m trying to make it work though.
  • So mad about the robbery! At least all she took was a couple of dressers. But I’m trying to save up so at least one of the trips can go to college and this happens. Fortunately, Mel’s college fund was established when Al and Rainne were married.
  • Mel has her service dog! He’s one of the adoptables in the pool, because I didn’t feel like trying to drag five people to the pet store.
  • Mel is turning into a little pistol. Can’t get along with either of her parents, won’t do her homework, avoids her younger siblings… I hope this isn’t a preview of how she’ll be as a teen.
  • Speaking of, this will probably be her last update as a child, considering she’s already ten. Wow. Time flies so fast.

And before I forget, one more person got pregnant.

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Cynthia Kim was certainly not expecting to get pregnant; at 38 with 2 kids already, she was ready to give up on the idea of just one more. But it’s happened. She’s cautiously excited about the possibility; she always wanted 3. Robert, on the other hand, is ecstatic; he was thinking more along the lines of 5. While Cynthia is ignoring him on that, she’s smiling, when she’s not busy hunting down food. Cynthia is due in December.

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