Round 7: July 2009

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Ken January is 38 years old, Amy is 36, Emily Anne and Evan are 5.

(John March is 73, Chris December is 36.)

Narrated by Ken January

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I decided that now was as good a time as any to get fit. I know I couldn’t look any more handsome than I do now, but the rest of my body could use some sprucing up.

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It didn’t take long for me to build up some muscle and turn my abs into a washboard. If nobody still wants to give me a decent job, I’ll know they’re out to get me.

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Amy appreciated it, but she says I still sound too stiff on screen. I think she’s trying the critic method to get me to start practicing with her, but that’s not happening.

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I don’t spend enough time with my family as it is; I’m not wasting more time practicing lines I already know, especially when it’s only one or two.

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I should’ve used different words when I said it to Amy. She took that as an invitation to all her sisters and her dad to come over. Now don’t get me wrong; I think John is great, but I can take or leave Meg, Beth and Jo.

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Since it’s summertime, we try to take the kids out every weekend. It’s something fun to do to spend time together and it gives the kids someplace else to run around and be loud. Our neighbors are starting to complain about the noise.

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This week it was the park, then bowling. At the park, Amy and I just hung out by the pool.

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The kids decided to rent fishing poles and try to catch something in the lake. Evan was on a streak, catching 2 bass and a catfish!

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Emily Anne caught a bass too, after the boot. Once she caught a fish, she was satisfied and said it was time to go.

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She thinks she runs the place, even though I disagree. And since Meg called her Emily Anne and mentioned how grown up she was, now I can’t call her Emmy anymore. Oh well, she’ll eventually forget about it. I hope.

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At least Evan doesn’t care what we call him. I’m tempted to call him Taz because he’s so loud and messy and runs everywhere, like the cartoon. I’m trying to teach him manners, like not screaming “HAMBURGERS!” at the top of his lungs when asked what he wants to eat, but I don’t know if that’s working.

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Emily Anne won the little contest in bowling. I’m glad, because she was sour since the morning’s fishing trip.

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I’m proud of Amy. This is the first time she’s made a meal and not burned it. Maybe fish is just her thing. Granted, it was supposed to be blackened, but still…

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I was in the middle of singing her praises when Evan barged in and asked what we were doing. How do you explain yourself, in the middle of the act, to a 6-year-old? I told him to get out; I didn’t want to have to try.

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Later I found him playing chess with his sister. I hope he didn’t tell her what he saw; I think the kids are too young for The Talk.

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Fortunately, Amy saved the day with their summer assignments. I love that the teachers keep the kids busy, but I’m not paying taxes to hold my own private summer school.

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Chris came over, complaining about not being able to finish the basketball season. I’m tired of hearing about it. So you had to retire, big whoop. You’re set for life, you have a hot wife and three kids, just like you wanted. What could you possibly find to complain about?

  • Title ref: When She Loved Me – Sarah McLachlan.
  • This is how I like to have all my updates: with different people and location all thrown together there. I don’t know how many of those I can pull off; I wasn’t able to last week, but then, that was five kids.
  • Ken still won’t work on charisma; he only got the body skill point he needed because he wanted to get fit.
  • Evan is like the Tazmanian Devil on TV, seriously. But it’s amusing.
  • Amy really did finally make a meal that didn’t burn.
  • And Chris is still complaining. But Ken is not letting him bring down his vibe. Which is good.

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