Round 7: December 2009

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Frank April is 38 years old, Nate is 13 and Danny is 10.

(Jodie is 40.)

Narrated by Frank April

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I’m happy to see that Nate has friends that won’t get him in trouble. I’ve known Ren and Nicolette for years and I know their parents. They aren’t the rebelling type, so I know they won’t influence Nate to do so.

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Even if they were, I don’t think he would join in. Nate is very mild-mannered, having taken after me mostly in personality. He’s a very responsible kid; he makes breakfast every morning and watches Danny on days I have to work late. I try to tell him how much I appreciate him, even if I sound like a broken record. It’s better than the alternative.

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There are days when he slacks off, but I’m trying to work that out of him. He wants to be rich and famous, but he’ll never do so if he can’t even get his homework done.

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I have to say, I’m still proud of him. Someone sees his potential, and sent him an invitation to apply to their culinary arts program. I wonder if his mother was involved with that, especially since it’s close to where she lives now.

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Danny, on the other hand, is just like me and perhaps a bit too studious. I have to tell him to go play with his friends.

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He doesn’t have many, but there are a few that he will willingly hang out with outside of school. The only girl of those is Melantha May. He actually will go out of his way to be nice and respectful to her, which is a feat since he tends to be pretty grumpy to anyone who’s not family.

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We’ve actually started discussing their mother again, though the conversations are brief. I don’t regret my decision that we split, but she was always a good mother, and I shouldn’t have punished her bad spousal skills with trying to remove her children from her life. I hear she’s working on a degree to advance in her career. I wish her the best.

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Along with Nate, who’s now an assistant to one of the executives downtown, I’ve gotten a promotion myself. Fire departments from other cities are eager to have me come and speak, and one some distance away has left me an open offer that is very tempting. Setting my own hours, working from home sometimes, and a lot of money at my disposal, so I can work on a project close to my heart; teaching teenagers driving safety. Along with strictly enforcing teen curfews, that will help make sure that no other father has to experience what I did; the loss of a boy. That would be my birthday/Christmas wish in a few days, if I still believed in those.

  • Title ref: Stand My Ground – Within Temptation.
  • Nate got the Go away to college ROS, but as I said at the beginning, I will decide by the end of his teen years. If he has a reason to stick around (take that however you will), I’ll drop it. If he doesn’t, he’s taking off, but if he finds a way back into the storyline, I’ll gladly bring him back.
  • Nate still is head over heels for Nikki, who is still head over heels for Ren, but when I get them together, there are no romantic interactions between them, and before you suggest it, I do have an ACR controller on the lot. I’d like to think they realize it would be a train wreck if anyone hooked up.
  • I also hinted at another ROS that someone else got, but I’m not ready to reveal it yet, so all you get is a hint.

And before I forget, we have another bouncing baby boy!

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Oliver Kim looks just like his big sister Abigail. She and brother Justin are curious, Robert is ecstatic, and Cynthia is done.

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