Round 7: February 2010

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Dean October is 38 years old, Marie August is 36, Nikki is 13, Julie is 5, Vince and Ross are 2.

(Nate April is 14.)

Narrated by Marie August

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It’s so hard to believe I officially have a teenaged daughter. These were the years I was dreaming about when I took her shopping as a little girl, and now that they’re here I’m completely not ready.

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Probably because I didn’t think she’d want a boyfriend at thirteen. Or almost fourteen, as she’s quick to remind me. And we told her she could start dating at that age. I was surprised when she told me Nate April had asked her to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I thought his father would never let him get out of the house, much less get a girlfriend.

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Nikki wants me to talk to Dean, since he wants her to wait till she’s fourteen, as agreed. I personally don’t think three weeks is long to wait; she’s already growing up too fast. But she begged me and she’s always been my baby girl, so I managed to convince Dean to at least listen to her argument. He was so vehemently against the idea that I was sure Nikki was in for disappointment.

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I was shocked when he said ok. But he had strict guidelines. She had to keep passing grades in school, make sure the house was spotless every day, make sure the dog was fed, walked and washed, and if she ran out of things to do, she was supposed to see if I needed help with the twins. Then and only then could she have Nate over. And she was not going anywhere with him; he was coming here. If she could meet those restrictions for the next three weeks, he would allow her to officially start dating.

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That was kind of mean of him to do all that to her; I don’t think I’ve seen her work so hard in her life. But she was determined to make sure she could continue dating till she turned eighteen. At least she was taking care of her dog again. She was so good with King when she was younger, but teenhood is distracting her.

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King has found the twins more willing to give him attention. Vince and Ross love him, and can often be found cuddling him.

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Nikki certainly has kept up her end of the bargain this week. If she can keep it up two more weeks, she’ll be home free as long as she doesn’t make us grandparents.

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She freaked out when her midterm reports came back bad, but we decided to overlook it this time since she had just started her trial and the report card included last month’s slacking.

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She got right to work improving her grades. She’s very determined when she wants to be.

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I miss when she was Julie’s age. Julie’s so happy and carefree and unconcerned with boys.

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She does her homework without being told and is such a helper.

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I wish I could spend more time with them, but I got a promotion and with it, later hours. By the time I get home, no one’s awake.

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At least in the morning I have soothing piano music to lull me back to sleep over the crying and the arguing.

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Beth still wants to play supermom, but Andy has insisted she take it easy for the rest of her pregnancy, and she is only sulkily agreeing. She is due in May.

  • Title ref: Holiday – Green Day.
  • It amazes me how even-tempered Julie is, despite her parents. She’ll definitely be the good girl of any group she runs with, I can tell already.
  • Nikki rolled a want to go steady with Nate. Why now, I don’t know, but since she never had a chance with Ren I decided to let her go for it. Besides, it could lead to some fun drama.
  • Apparently, kids can teach toddlers the nursery rhyme. I had no clue they could. That’s fascinating. I wonder if they can teach toddlers to talk too. I won’t push my luck with walking and using the potty.
  • I think I can safely say that Dean and Marie are done with children. Thank goodness; I already have enough August kids, and Beth and Andy are already giving me a big family.

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