Round 7: November 2010

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Joe Carr and Madison November are 38 years old and Rachel is 20 months.

Narrated by Joe Carr

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Rachel is picking up skills very quickly.

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She can already walk very well and form simple sentences. It’s amazing to watch. We might have a little genius on our hands.

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Her favorite thing to do after singing and playing with her blocks is following one of us around, usually me.

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She will follow Madison around too, but she’s more often than not underfoot while Madison is screaming at somebody to get something done.

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She’s been an assistant coach since right before Rachel was born, and she just got promoted to head coach of the soccer team she used to star in, so she’s determined to keep her legacy going. Probably her birthday a few days ago inspired that.

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She’s also working on starting a college scholarship for young athletes in Chris December’s memory, which is very big of her. She’d had a grudge against him so long, I was shocked to hear her idea, but I’m definitely encouraging it.

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I fit somewhere between the cracks for her, but I don’t mind too much. I’m currently attending law school online and working as a paralegal so I can finally start practicing law in a couple of years.

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Madison is perfectly content with Rachel, but I’ve been trying to convince her that Rachel needs a sibling. Madison seems to be listening to me only sometimes, so nothing yet. She never wanted more than one, but two’s not bad. It’s perfect in fact.

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And one of my NPC families grows a little. I think Arden Bradley is quite a cutie.

  • Title ref: I Turn to You – Christina Aguilera.
  • Madison is half trying for another one. Her chances of trying for another baby is 50%, and that’s exactly what she did. Once she tried and once she didn’t. I’m kinda hoping they don’t. I need a family with just a single child and these two are focused on careers and money anyway.

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