Round 8: February 2011

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Gregg Newman is 40, Emily Newman is 39, Brittany is 5 and Chandler is 4.

(Michael is 22.)

Narrated by Emily Newman

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We just adopted Chandler last month and though he and Brittany share a birthday, he’s going to be more of a puzzle to figure out.

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He likes sports, and it’s one of his favorite things to talk about, but when I ask how did he get so creative in music, he clams up.

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Brittany’s the one who’s done the most work to bring him out of his shell so far, though she just sees it as getting to know her new little brother.

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Where he used to sit alone in corners, he’s now talking to more than just Gregg, who he knew from before the adoption process started.

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I’ve even gotten him to play with me on days we’re both not busy with work, though only if it’s a sport.

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Mike’s been over a few times, though not often, since he works odd hours. I’m just glad he’s getting to know his new siblings. He likes Brittany, as I knew he would, but he called Chandler a nerd to his face, which caused him to push Mike and stomp off.

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I’ve told Mike a hundred times that he needs to be more sensitive, especially with family, but his counter is always that they’re adopted, so they’re not related to him. I don’t know when Mike got so callous. I might have to talk to his father.

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At least I’ve finally gotten my master’s degree in architecture. Andy told me he didn’t have to work quite so hard back when he got his. That just means they want to make absolutely sure that I’m ready for this world. And the completion of my degree means my apprenticeship is over. I’m finally a licensed architect.

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Gregg and I didn’t get to go out for Valentine’s Day, which I would have loved; instead we had a night at home to ourselves. We sent the kids to Mike’s apartment (although I made sure his roommate would be home; someone needs to make sure Mike isn’t terrorizing them and Kerensa is perfect for that) and pretended we had just gotten married again. We had to save the money; we’ll be moving soon. The apartment was too small when we adopted Brittany but we made it work. With Chandler now, it still works, but they’ll need their own rooms soon enough and there are no more rooms to convert in this apartment. I’ll be sad to leave it; I’ve been in this complex for eight years. But my life has changed so much since then, and I need to change with it.

  • Title ref: The Sign – Ace of Base.
  • So I told you Brittany was getting a little brother! Meet Chandler. I did not plan for both of the Newman children to be redheads, but I’m still happy about it.
  • Mike finally got around to meeting the kids. As I figured, he and Brittany are like two peas in a pod. Not so with Chandler. They’re going to have a rocky relationship, if they ever cultivate one.
  • Not that Chandler has made it easy for anyone other than Brittany. He and Emily had a rough start, but now they’re friends.
  • Moving is an imperative now. As Emily said, there’s no more room. So I’m going to move them, but I want them to stay downtown. Both Emily and Gregg’s jobs will eventually require working at City Hall, and why commute if they can stay in the area? The big three story would work, but I need to make sure they can afford it…

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