Round 8: May 2011

We have birthdays!

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First up is the youngest of the June brood, Mitchell!

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He already is starting to look different from Matt, with much more hair and a slightly less outgoing and more active nature. Both parents are looking forward to the end of their babymaking, though Beth has some fear about it.

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Next is Melantha May, our first playable of this generation to become a teen!

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She’s just as sassy as ever, but when asked what she wants to do when she grows up, all she can say for certain is that she wants to have fun. She can’t wait to start dating though, even though her parents have already told her in no uncertain terms that she won’t start that until she turns 15.

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Finally, Danny April becomes a teen, just three days later.

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Since Danny never could stay in a seat and yet has a deep love of all things risky and fun, he wants to do something where he can travel, do all kinds of things, and learn skills that he never would’ve staying at home. Besides, he could become famous! He’s not sure where that will take him, but he’s ready for the adventure.

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