Round 8: June 2011

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Joe Carr and Madison November are 38 years old and Rachel is 2.

(Mark is 42, Edie is 38.)

Narrated by Madison November

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Rachel has been such an easy baby and toddler, I’m almost ready to tell Joe we can try for another.

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While he would be thrilled to hear that, I’m keeping my mouth shut for now. I really think our family is perfect as is, and adding another child would only rock the boat. Even Rachel, as happy and playful as she is, is a lot of work.

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Surprisingly, one of my most trusted babysitters is my big brother. Mark has really stepped up since Rachel was born, and he adores his niece, just like Rachel loves her uncle Mark.

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Joe balks at that, since usually if I’m not home, he is, but he’s in law school and I’m only thinking of giving him time and space to study, since if Rachel sees one of us, she thinks that gives her free reign to monopolize our time. He wouldn’t believe anything Mark said, though, so I had to tell him all that before he let Mark take Rachel. And he says I’m the paranoid one.

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Mark takes Rachel for the day to the park, the mall, or back to his house to do something fun. Rachel is always telling me about all the fun things they do together.

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We got a new neighbor last summer, but it took me till now to introduce myself. She is a nice enough woman. She told me she moved here after her husband died, which is so sad. I couldn’t imagine losing Joe. She comes over if she sees that I’m home, but I’ll admit she makes me a bit nervous. The way she looks at Rachel makes me think she’s waiting for me to leave the room so she can take her and run.

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I do feel bad; she and her husband never had any children, but she needs a new family. If Rachel ever goes missing, I’m kicking down her door first.

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Arden Bradley is getting a younger sibling, but life doesn’t stop just because you’re pregnant when you have a 19-month-old. ‘Lena is ravenously hungry most days, since she can barely keep anything down, but her husband says she’ll be ok, and he is a doctor. Baby Bradley is due in December.

  • Title ref: The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga.
  • I do believe Edie is harmless, mostly. But she does suddenly want babies… after John dies. Why couldn’t you do that while your husband was living?
  • No more kids for those two. By the time we get back to these two, Madison will be 40 and ready to settle down at the top of the heap. The last thing she’ll need at that age is a squalling infant.

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