Round 8: December 2011

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Beth June is 40, Andrew is 39, Matthew is 3, Sarah and Veronica are 2, Mitchell is 19 months.

Narrated by Beth June

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Every day in this house is busy. Christmas only makes it more so.

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Matt is mostly independent. He still needs help staying clean and dressing and feeding himself, but other than that, he only needs us to snuggle or tickle him.

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The girls, on the other hand, are little bundles of nervous energy.

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Very stubborn too. Andy and I have had to practically wrestle Roni onto the potty. She’s given us the most problems with learning how to do anything. All she wants to do is draw or play with the toys and anything that takes her away from that will make her start screaming and fighting.

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I was sure that Miri would be my problem child since she was such a fussy baby, but she’s been an angel for now.

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I was more worried about Mitch, thinking he’d be lost in the shuffle, but he spends most of his time following Matt around. It’s so sweet.

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On Christmas Eve, we put the kids to bed early and gave ourselves some alone time. Andy’s noticed that I’ve been pretty down, and he thinks it’s because I turned 40 two months ago. But I’ve been feeling heavy sadness ever since Papa died. I never really had a chance to mourn because of the children.

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I’m definitely done with children. I wanted four, and while I didn’t expect to have them so close together, that’s what I got. In fact, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give enough attention to these four, so I can’t imagine having any more. Andy’s thrilled.

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He says he’d feel better if I smiled like I used to. Maybe I will later on. But now it feels like my life ended when Papa’s did.

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And when I think life is crazy enough, we get two calls. The first was good; I won a random drawing from the last time I went to the supermarket for $600. The second was bad; Andy’s company was bought out by a hostile takeover, and his job is getting cut. I don’t know what we’re going to do; I don’t have a high level job, and the kids are all small, so I’m reluctant to leave them. I guess it’s ok if Andy is home with them, but I really wanted that luxury.

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And our second Bradley baby’s coming!

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‘Lena had to wonder to herself why she couldn’t be satisfied with just Arden.

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But that line of thinking disappears when she sees her baby girl, Ellis.

  • Title ref: Calculation Theme – Metric.
  • So Beth got the Small Lottery Prize ROS, and Andy got the Laid Off! ROS. One doesn’t really outweigh the other. I do need more teachers though…
  • Four toddlers is pretty crazy, especially when you’re trying to teach them their skills. Matt got the parents to himself last round, so he learned all four, but the twins definitely will not. I feel lucky they got the main three. If they get another round before they age up, I may try.
  • Roni was so obstinate, I decided to teach Mitch his skills, and he has the main three. That will definitely help next round.
  • All John’s children and the grandchildren older than toddlers rolled for depression and Beth was one of the unlucky ones. But she never had time to be depressed; the kids don’t freeze for you.
  • While Meg used her inheritance to start college funds for her boys, Jo will be using hers for IVF and Amy will probably follow in Meg’s footsteps, Beth will probably need to hold on to the money to tide them over until Andy gets another job. I’m looking for education because I need teachers, but I can also use cops and firefighters.

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