Round 8: March 2012

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Dean October is 40 years old, Marie August is 38, Nikki is 16, Julie is 7, Vince and Ross are 5.

(Devlin is 40 years old, Nate and Ren are 16.)

Narrated by Dean October

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Nikki’s 16th birthday was three weeks ago. She didn’t want a big party, which confused me. Why celebrate your birthday and not have a party? That’s why Marie and Christy worked together to throw me and my twin a huge birthday back in November for our 40th.

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I smell boy trouble coming back. She and Ren have started doing the flirting thing again. I was hoping she’d swear off boys till college, but I get no such luck.

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I do make sure both of them know that there will be no fighting in this house. I think I’m supposed to automatically be on Nikki’s side, but I really just want some peace.

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She insists that she’s ready to be serious about school now, even though she still spends most of her mornings primping in the mirror. I guess girls will be girls.

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I never see Marie spend that much time getting ready, and she makes her beauty look effortless. Nikki could take some pointers from her.

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I’m just glad we’re done with kids and finally starting to enjoy ourselves without babies underfoot and a decent amount of money. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll actually be able to retire and enjoy it. At least if Nikki gives us a few years before giving us grandchildren.

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For the twins though, we gave them a huge 5th birthday blowout. I couldn’t resist; we had to do it for someone this year.

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The boys had a fun time and I got to visit my niece and nephew. Rebecca looks like she’d fit right in around here.

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Marie and I have to do something about Nikki’s grades. She’s almost failing and doesn’t care. If she truly wants to go to college, she never will with her current report card.

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She’s so smart, and I know; I’ve seen it, but she can’t seem to translate that into her schoolwork anymore. Ren has offered to tutor her, but I’m afraid she’ll come back with more than a better report card.

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It makes me wonder what she’s reading all day. It’s certainly not her textbooks.

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Marie tells me to calm down. If nothing else, she can take care of herself. She certainly can cook better than either of us.

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And we even talk like we used to. I’m glad. I’ll take Nikki at 16 over Nikki at 14 any day.

  • Title ref: Chariot – Gavin DeGraw.
  • Nikki and Ren drive me a little bit crazy. If they want to do something, I wish they’d go on and do it. Nate has finally forgiven them both. In gratitude, they won’t flirt right in front of his face. Teenagers.
  • Nikki has a solid C now. She can go to a college, but not a particularly good one.

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