Round 8: June 2012

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Alastair May and Rainne September-May are 41 years old, Melantha is 13, Cassandra, Ava, Jackson and Riordan are 7.

(Justin is 13.)

Narrated by Melantha May

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I thought when I got this old, things would be different. That suddenly, I’d be a teen and I could do whatever I want. I still feel like a kid though.

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I don’t mind them that much. It’s not like they’re babies that I have to do everything for. They can even be entertaining sometimes, even if they hog the TV for hours at a time playing my game system.

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They may be rugrats, but they’re my rugrats. Anyone trying to mess with them has to deal with me.

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I know Mom takes as much care of them as she can, but now that they’re not in her class anymore, she’s getting a little overbearing. I tell her to chill, that I’ll make sure they’re fine. She acts like she never had a seven-year-old. I know it was forever ago, but I was that age.

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I’ll admit that Mom and I don’t always get along. I love her, and I’m grateful that she didn’t leave me like my real mother, but she doesn’t understand sometimes. All of us are growing up, and we don’t need her breathing down our necks. Fortunately, we work out our aggression through gaming instead of yelling.

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The kids’ grades have been going up and down, so Mom and Dad have been supervising them, and they got the two unused rooms off the living room as study rooms. The boys have one room and the girls have the other. I don’t know that it makes that much difference.

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Mom thinks that might be a good idea for me, since my grades aren’t that good either. Dad just shrugs, says maybe I’m just not that much of a school kid and will end up cooking for a living or something. Dad was always the easygoing one. Now that he’s making a comfortable living, he’s just content to let us do what we want.

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We all have college funds set up, so we have the option to go if we really want to. I still want to go, so Dad reminds me that no college will take a D student. I know, but homework is so boring. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up, except have fun and fall in love as deep as Mom and Dad.

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As gross as it is, because they’re old, it’s still sweet and I want a guy to look at me the way Dad looks at her.

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Maybe it’ll be Justin? He is pretty cute now that we’re both teens. And he gave me my first kiss! It’s okay, but I want more. Mom and Dad said I can’t start dating till I’m 15. So unfair! How will I know if I’ve found my soulmate if we can’t even go out and test it?

  • Title ref: Pulses – Karmin.
  • Mel’s a fast one. The only reason Justin was there was because of a booty call, lol.
  • I love this whole family; they are just adorable. And now that Cassie and Ava have different hairstyles, they should be easy to tell apart now.
  • Two updates ago, Rainne had a baby fear. One update ago, she had a baby want. I ignored it and kept her on birth control. She seems to have forgotten about it. I am pleased. But then she already got her four, so Al’s the only one that would be thinking about more kids.
  • It took both of them the whole round to remember that they had skills to ear to gain a level in their careers. They will be promoted next round.
  • Mel’s gonna be fun. I can tell already.

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