Round 9: June 2013
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Airi February is 41, Ren is 17, Rika is 10, and Lucia is 4.

Narrated by Airi February

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Maybe I’m getting empty-nester syndrome, maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, or maybe I’ve finally lost it; I’d accept any of those reasons for adopting another child.

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Lucia is a dear, sweet child though, and I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family.

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I worry about Rika though. She’s not thrilled that her place as the baby of the family has been taken, and she’s been taking it out on Lucia.

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I’ve told Ren to talk to her and encourage her to be nicer. After all, this is her new baby sister, whether she likes it or not, and she’s had some time to process it. After all, adoptions take months to finalize.

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When she isn’t actively tormenting the girl, Rika is content to ignore her. At least Ren is making an effort to get to know her. When we found out about that boy his father had, it was the other way around; Rika was thrilled and Ren was apprehensive. But Ren grew out of it, and hopefully so will Rika.

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Lucia is such a smart girl. I’m trying to prepare her for school next year, and she’s taking to it like a fish to water. I’m so proud. I want to get her into private school with Rika, but she’s required to do at least a year in public school and have high enough grades to be admitted. That won’t be a problem.

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Since I don’t have the room, I’ve switched rooms with Rika, giving her and Lucia my room until Ren leaves for college, when Lucia will have his old room and Rika will get her old room back. The bed was late arriving, so Rika and Lucia will have to share my bed until it arrives. Rika was happy about the bigger room, not so much about sharing a bed.

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Ren lost one scholarship and gained two more. He’s lucky that was the case, otherwise I would’ve had his head. He’s too smart to let scholarships slip. I can’t even blame his friends; he’s kept his head in his books all last semester, and he’s done the same so far this summer. He’s not even complaining about going to camp this year.

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Maybe Rika can take a lesson from him. She’s not studying as much as she used to, and it’s not because she doesn’t need to. I worry that without him around, she’s going to fall apart. And that’s the last thing I need for Lucia to see. She needs to have a good influence for when she starts school; maybe I just picked the wrong time, but Rika needs to get her act together.

  • Title ref: Zombies – Lacuna Coil.
  • Airi got the Adoption ROS and Rika got the Completely understandable fight ROS, which is a fight with the sim with the lowest relationship, which of course, is her brand-spanking new little sister. Her relationship is obviously not that bad, considering they’re sharing a bed, but it still happened.
  • Ren lost his good grade scholarship, but gained two skill-related ones, which makes it worth it.
  • The only reason Rika’s still getting A’s is because Lucia’s doing her homework for her, but since it doesn’t fit the story (what 4-year-old can do a 10-year-old’s homework?) I didn’t mention it.
  • This is the last update before Ren goes to college. You will see him, Nikki and Nate near the end of the round at university.

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