Round 8: July 2013

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Alastair May is 43 years old, Rainne September-May is 42 years old, Melantha is 14, Cassandra, Ava, Jackson and Riordan are 8.

(Justin is 14.)

Narrated by Alastair May

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Rainne convinced me to take a public speaking class. Apparently I know what I’m talking about, but I have trouble expressing what’s in my head. She’s been saying it for years, but now others are saying the same thing, so I guess she was right all along, of course.

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I think she’s getting empty-nester syndrome, since she told me she’s been thinking about having another child. I’m all for it, but we really have no place to put one. Maybe after Melantha goes to college, but will we even be able to handle a baby at our ages then? Mel just started high school.

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Speaking of, we’re going to have to fight her to get her to graduate. She absolutely refuses to do homework unless Rainne or I am standing over her, and she’s huffing and puffing the whole time. I figured since she’s in summer school, that would be enough motivation, but apparently I was wrong.

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She wants to start dating that Kim boy, but we already told her that she is not to start dating until she’s sixteen, and if she keeps failing her classes, we may make it eighteen. She reminds me a lot of her mother, and that concerns me.

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I really hope the kids aren’t as hard-headed as Mel. They seem to be a lot better for now. They all want to bring home a good report card, and that keeps them doing their homework.

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I do worry about Jack. He does his homework, he knows the correct answers, but he’s sloppy about his work, and he doesn’t seem to care that he did it wrong. His grades are looking abysmal, and we don’t know what to do.

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Rainne has asked advice from friends, and we’ve gotten lots of different suggestions. We’ll try them once the new school year starts.

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One thing we’ve prioritized this summer is family togetherness, and it’s rubbed off on Ri. He and I seem to be getting along now, and he won’t shy away from a hug or an invitation to play. I’m glad.

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We almost got robbed, but since Mel was up late texting that Kim boy again, she noticed the burglar sneaking up to the house and called the police. For that, I didn’t take her phone that night. She’s supposed to be grounded; I’m not sure how she got her phone back.

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My birthday was a quiet but nice time. We had a few friends over, a cake, and way too many candles. it looked like the cake was on fire! I’m going to be a good sport about it though. There are some people in this neighborhood who didn’t make it to my age.


  • Title ref: Blinding – Florence and the Machine.
  • At this rate, Mel will not be going to college, but she wouldn’t care too much. Her LTW is 50 dream dates anyway. Not hard to do, just tedious.
  • Al took so long to get himself the skills he needed for promotion, but he’s finally set.
  • Yes, the dog is still around, but he wasn’t needed this round, and he’s content to sleep most of the day.


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