Round 9: September 2013

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Dean October is 41 years old, Marie August is 40, Nikki is 17, Julie is 9, Vince and Ross are 6.

(Devlin is 41 years old.)

Narrated by Nikki August

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Mom lost her job. I was shocked. She’d been working there forever, but she was helping out a friend and because of that the company lost a big client. She tried to convince her boss to rehire her, but that didn’t work out, so she’s officially a housewife now.

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Since Dad won the mayoral race and is pulling in some big bucks we’re not hurting for money now, but it’s weird when your mom went from not working to working the past 13 years and now suddenly not working again.

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I think it’s weird and a little sad for Mom too. She’s putting on a brave face, but cooking and cleaning all day was never her thing. She says she’s having fun spending all of Dad’s money on clothes, but I know that’s not true.

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Somehow, the twins know I’m failing my classes. How they found out I have no idea. At this rate, I may graduate, I may not. That would be majorly embarrassing, but Ren can’t come over and I would feel weird asking Nate.

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Julie, on the other hand, is a superstar in class. She’s pulling A’s and B’s easily. She’s making me look bad.

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Even the twins are solid B students, and they just started real school. Dad is proud of them all; I haven’t given him and Mom anything to be proud of lately.

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That’s why I’ve been talking a lot to Uncle Devlin. He’s not my biological uncle, but he’s been like family since I was 7. He doesn’t judge me for my grades, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I talk to him. It’s nice to know somebody’s not looking over my shoulder for something I’m doing wrong. With Uncle Devlin, I can just be me.

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My younger siblings may be rugrats, but they’re my rugrats. I love them all anyway, even though they’re annoying and loud. I hope one day I can have a family this big.

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We had a cookout on Labor Day and invited the other half of the family to come; Uncle Devlin, Aunt Christy, and our twin cousins Quentin and Rebecca. I guess it was kind of inevitable; with Dad and Uncle Devlin being twins, they both had to have twins themselves.

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The chicken on the grill caught fire. Luckily Ross heard Julie outside screaming and called emergency services. They put the fire out quickly but I felt justified about still being a vegetarian. After all, the corn didn’t catch fire. After the scare I convinced Dad to try it out too. I hope he keeps with it.

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We must be burglar bait. We got robbed once, years ago, which is why we moved here. We just had the house broken into again. I think it was even the same guy. Nothing was stolen, but that still makes me mad.

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Considering my grades, I know I’m not going to college, and I’m ok with that. I think I want to be a writer though, and I know a degree is not required, but a high school diploma is highly recommended.

  • Title ref: One Foot – Fun.
  • Well, you heard the girl. No college for her at all. She barely passed high school. I’m not pushing it. So she’ll be staying put for a while, at least till Ren and Nate graduate. If she’s still single then, she’ll move in with them. If not, she’ll be living with whatever boyfriend/fiance/husband she finds. All the time, she’ll be working on writing. She doesn’t have a career-related LTW, so I figured why not?
  • *headdesk* Devlin, why did you serenade Nikki? *headdesk* Nikki, why did you accept the interaction? *headdesk* Nikki, why do you have a “go steady” want up? What happened to the Westermarck effect? Oh, they met after the age limit? Dammit.
  • Did you see the pictures hanging up? I found a tutorial on how to recolor in general and another specifically for the It Will Last Longer frames, so now I have pictures hanging too!
  • At 40, it’s hard to start a new career, they’ve got a nice chunk of change, all the kids have savings accounts, and Marie has already reached perma-plat, so I’m not bothering to find her another job.

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