Round 9: October 2013

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Beth June is 42, Andrew is 41, Matthew is 5, Sarah and Veronica are 4, Mitchell is 3.

Narrated by Andrew June

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When I got laid off almost two years ago, I naively thought that I would find a new job quickly. How little I knew then. I had no idea that Newtopia Heights was flush with highly skilled applicants, and there was no place for a 40 year old starting over.

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I didn’t realize that I’d get to the bottom of the barrel with nothing before me but either indignity or danger. I like to think of myself as the adventurous type, so I chose danger. I am now enlisted in the army, and am, once again, the tallest person in my unit.

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I love my kids and put them first in everything. Beth knows I will always be around to help wrangle them up.

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Roni is still difficult with everyone, especially her twin, but loves her baby brother to death. I guess I should be happy that she’s willing to talk to any of her siblings; Mike hasn’t been over here in a while, and nobody but Matt would even recognize him.

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Beth has been doing the real work with them though since I enlisted, and I want to thank her every day for it. When I’m gone, she’s the one they have to go to for everything, and when I do get home, it’s like they were all fine without me.

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They all are still happy to see me, though. I’ve had a promotion and now I’m the one who’s here when they get home. And with Mitch off to preschool next year, it’ll be really quiet around here.

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Beth turned 42 a week ago, and she wanted a small celebration with just us. I’m just glad her mood is brightening.

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She’d been not herself for years, and only now is she starting to act more like she did when we met. I’m so happy to see. Things are looking up for our family.

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Now if I can just keep Roni playing nice with Miri, it’ll be perfect.

  • Title ref: Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson.
  • Andy’s actually the tallest person in the hood, with Dean and Devlin in second place, 2 inches below him. There is a good chance that he will never meet anyone as tall as him, but he doesn’t think about it.
  • Roni didn’t get along with any of her siblings except Mitch until this round, when her relationship with Matt saw improvement, but with Miri, it stayed the same. I tried, too.
  • It’s really been six months? Wow. Getting time to play, much less blog, with an 8 month old is a joke.

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