Round 9: November 2013

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Mark November is 43 and Patrice is 1.

Eunice James is 31.

Narrated by Mark November

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Not quite what I expected to be doing with my life at this age: adopting a kid. I did expect that I would love her as soon as I saw her, and that turned out right.

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Her name is Patrice and it’s scary how smart she already is. She walks, can say short sentences and can even use the potty on her own! She keeps talking about a sister, but the adoption agency said her older sister had been adopted before her and they’re not allowed to give out that information. Maybe one day we can find that sister. It would be a shame if they never knew each other.

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Being on my own now means I have to cook to feed Patrice and I. I’m so used to putting leftovers in the fridge that I’m going to start slow. Even I can make boxed macaroni and cheese. But I’m nowhere near skilled enough to make Thanksgiving dinner, so we’ll be dropping in on Madison and her family. Fortunately, I know we’re always welcome there.

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Most of my clientele will be dragging themselves home for Thanksgiving dinner as well. Things tend to be slow around the holidays and this will be the first year I’ll be looking forward to it, since that gives me time to spend with Patrice.

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The babysitter has two kids of her own so she’d be good in an emergency, but she says Patrice is good and stays asleep till I get home. I’m only out a few hours and it’s always after Patrice falls asleep, but you never know what might happen while you’re out.

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I’d love to have Claire and Dom over sometime, but he’s gotten rather moody and doesn’t want to come right now. I think he’s just resentful that I moved out. I hope he gets over it; in every way that counts, he was my first kid.

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In the meantime, I could really use a car, but I don’t need a new one. Let’s see if someone is selling a decent used one.

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Arden Bradley grew into a good looking young man… with his father’s giant hook nose. Oh well. Other than that, he looks like he’ll be a ladykiller when he grows up.

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Shockingly, Brandi didn’t grow much larger this time. This is a much easier pregnancy than the last. Baby LeTourneau-Gieke is due in February.

  • Title ref: Paradise (What About Us?) – Within Temptation.
  • What can I say? I really loved Mark with Dom so I decided to get his own that he can be cute with.

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