Round 9: December 2013

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

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First up is the Kims’ youngest, Oliver. He can’t wait for school to start; he’s already been practicing doing homework with Abby’s assignments! (yes, really) The big news in the house, though, is finding out that Oliver will no longer be the youngest; Cynthia is now pregnant with her and Robert’s fourth child! He or she is due in September 2014.

Next are the December trips!

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Adri has grown up into a fine young woman with a mind for money. She’s thinking about getting her own business in the future, but has started watching a law drama show and can’t help but wonder how she’d be able to become a lawyer.

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Katie has also shot up beside her sister. She’s been watching the same show, and says that’s what she’s going to do when she grows up, but right now her first love is still music.

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The boy, Cornell, is also business minded, saying that he wants to open up his own line of fitness centers and he’s partnering with Adri. However, considering his grades, he may want to focus on those for now.

  • In other news this month, Ren and Rika February are turning 18 and 11, respectively. Frank April is turning 43, ‘Lena and her daughter Ellis Bradley are turning 41 and 2.
  • As far as the trips are concerned, I was going to go ahead and let Adri run her businesses until I took a good look at her personality and saw she would be a perfect fit for law instead. Katie may have a Fortune aspiration, but music is her only love. She will probably be my second professional musician. I have no clue about the boy. I’ll probably let him get his LTW.
  • No, I have no clue why Cynthia is pregnant again. But Abby turned out cute; hopefully the next one will do the same.

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