Round 9: January 2014

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Jodie April is 44 years old.

(Frank is 43, Nate is 18, Danny is 14.)

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Nate had his eighteenth birthday. As a present, I invited everyone to come stay with me for the week. Yes, everyone, including Frank. I made a cake, pulled out the sofabed (for Frank; the boys have their own rooms) and bought a bunch of food; teenage boys have bottomless stomachs.

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Everything went well. We had no arguments, I didn’t burn anything and everyone was happy.

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Frank and I ended up having a lot of time alone together, since Nate and Danny took off early in the morning and didn’t come back till after nightfall, but conveniently just in time for dinner. I guess that’s what happens with a mild winter. We had conversations about everything. About travel, fashion, how different our lives ended up from how we thought, Tommy. It was just like old times.

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So much so that when Frank carried me upstairs, it was too easy to forget that this wasn’t our house and he wasn’t my husband anymore.

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We decided to pretend that never happened. For the best, really. My career is really taking off now and he’s the Fire Chief back home. We’ve moved on. Even if I may have told him I loved him in the throes of passion and he may have said it back.

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Nate told me he was moving here in September for school if he is accepted to the culinary school out here that he applied for. I’m excited, of course, and told him the restaurant that I work at accepts students from there all the time for their training. And if he doesn’t want to live on campus, he can claim whichever room upstairs he prefers.

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Danny’s issues are less intellectual than Nate’s and definitely something he doesn’t want to discuss with his mother. He just refuses to answer me when I ask him about any girls, which means there’s a girl somewhere, in some way, involved in Danny’s life. I just hope she’s nice.

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It was nice having everyone here. It made my days a bit less lonely.

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Even besides “The Incident,” I gave Frank a hug goodbye. What happened to split us was long ago and we’re both ready to forgive and forget.

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Things are back to normal. Nate won’t hear back about whether he was accepted until at least March. After that, the boys will be with me during spring break, and I won’t see them again till June.

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I’m not feeling too well, though. I wonder if I ate too much over the weekend, or I’m just getting old and can’t eat too much rich food anymore?


  • Title ref: Long and Lost – Florence and the Machine.
  • No Jodie, your stomach issues are morning sickness. I know, you thought you were too old for this crap. So did I. But it’s happened. Danny’s gonna be a big brother. And your ex-husband is the father. Awkward.
  • Well, this changes all my plans. Oh well. I needed a shakeup anyway.


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