Round 9: February 2014

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Stephanie December is 41 years old, Adrienne, Cornell, and Katherine are 12.

(Alon Livingston is 13.)

Narrated by Cornell December

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I guess I thought we were okay.

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Katie was, as usual, lost in her music. She always was that way, ever since I can remember.

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While Adri and I got jobs, Katie stayed home and played her piano till I thought her fingers would fall off, only stopping to eat, use the bathroom and sleep.

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Dad was gone, but Mom loved us enough for both. When she stopped being depressed, I stopped being depressed too. Adri seemed unafraid to be ambitious anymore.

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I got back into basketball. While I probably wouldn’t play professionally like Dad did, he taught me to love the game.

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I played so much over the past couple of years that I lost all the weight I originally gained during my own grieving process. I’m planning on playing through high school too.

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Adri plays with me when she can; between school, work and spending hours in the bathroom, she’s really busy.

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The only people there that night were Katie and Mom. I only got half the story then, when my mom called me, just this side of calm, telling me to meet her at the hospital. The other half of the story I put together from our family therapy sessions.

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Valentine’s Day Night, or I guess just Valentine’s Night. Adri and I were at work, and Mom decided to have somebody over. According to her, it was nothing serious. But Katie saw it and took it as serious.

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She started yelling, then Mom started yelling, then Katie threatened to leave, and Mom yelled again, and then Katie ran upstairs.

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Then the guy started complaining, and Mom kicked him out.

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She ran after Katie, who had locked herself in the bathroom.

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Mom is really strong. She actually kicked down the door. She said when she came in, Katie was sitting in the bathtub, covered in blood. She pulled her out and called 911.

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She didn’t stay in the hospital as long as Mom did; Mom insisted she needed to come home, and Mom’s the boss. They stayed there for a week and Adri and I were left to ourselves. The only problem is that neither of us can cook, so we had to eat a lot of burned food.

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Katie seemed to come back a whole different person. Even though she wasn’t going to school for another week, she actually got to know people outside the house and started reconnecting with old friends.

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And in the house she smiles more and even laughs at my stories from school. It’s all I can think of to do with her right now.

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Adri is more sure in her approach. She is basically acting like nothing happened. I don’t know if we should. Something obviously happened.

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She’s currently taking medication, which makes her tired. Mom sits in their room a lot, just watching her sleep.

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She must be afraid that if she leaves Katie alone, it’ll happen again.

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I can’t help but wonder if it will. And if this runs in families. Not suicide attempts, obviously, but depression. Yeah, I got depressed when Dad died, but I got over it. Hopefully the medication works and we can put this behind us.

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In other news, Brandi has to wonder if it’s all the hot fudge sundaes that is making her labor so long this time. She started before her husband got home; she thought it was supposed to be shorter the second time around.

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At least she has a healthy baby boy to show for it. Welcome baby Hudson!

  • Title ref: Breath of Life – Florence + The Machine. Yes, I used it for the last one too. So what?
  • Katie was already at a higher risk because of her mother’s attempt. The dice agreed.
  • At least it’s knocked her out of it. No more depression. She even is trying to get the good grades scholarship like Adri. Now if only the boy wanted it too…
  • And scholarships are all Stephanie cares about right now. Though I don’t care about any of that; all of them have filled their lifetime aspiration bar. So I can do whatever I want with them now. *maniacal laughter*

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