Round 9: March 2014

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Eunice James is 31, and Marciano and Luciano are 5.

(Peter is 32, Rika is 11.)

Narrated by Eunice James

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I’m worried.

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I’ve always been the type to jump at bumps in the night, but now I’ve got a new layer of responsibility and a new layer of fear. I can’t show my boys the fear; it’s my job to protect them.

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What would they think if Mom couldn’t keep them safe? Happy? I’ve always managed to do it before, but then it was easy.

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They hadn’t met their father’s other children then, their older brothers and sisters. I didn’t have to try to explain why I’d never told them they had siblings.

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They hadn’t gone to school then, and I hadn’t had to admit that I was bad at school and that’s why I play sports.

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They had lived away from the pitying eyes and cruel whispers then, before I decided to take the plunge and move from the outskirts of town closer to the hub of downtown, right into the faces of those who knew his father and could somehow tell by looking at them who they were.

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I hadn’t fallen in love then, and could say that providing for my boys was my only priority. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened had I met Peter first. For one, my boys would have had a much better father. But if I hadn’t met Valentino, started a fling and ended up pregnant, would I have discovered the drive to save up my money and move out of the trailer park?

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I hadn’t had to introduce my kids to my boyfriend, and had to force a smile, knowing that everyone would know tomorrow, the way my boys love to talk.

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Things could always be worse, I suppose. I could have had this one for a child. She’s a mean girl, same as me at her age, which is a recipe for parents being called about their kids being kicked in the head.

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Cynthia wants to kill. She has to spend another summer pregnant. By the time she gets back to her bikini body, she’ll be too old to look good in it. She is due in September.

  • Title ref: Start Over – Beyonce.
  • Eunice and Peter met a long time ago, back when Keri, Mike and Amy were new college grads. But as cute as it was, I had no reason to take particular notice until I rolled all of Val’s conquests to see if anyone besides Claire would get the lucky roll. She got the magic number. Technically, her kids are playables, so she’s a temporarily promoted PNPC that will learn her place once her kids grow up, LOL.
  • They’ve both rolled up the engagement/marriage want, and I’m cool with it since I’m going with the story that they’ve been dating casually since the kids were born. Let’s just say that pic was her first night out after getting home from the hospital. I’ll get them engaged next round.
  • And I guess I should add them to the schedule, especially since Eunice got herself knocked up again. Oh, did I forget to mention that?

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