Round 9: April 2014

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Kalika Macarevich is 40, Jace is 39, Sophia is 7, and Bryce is 2.

(Domenic is 9, Brittany is 8, and Noah is 7.)

Narrated by Kalika Macarevich

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Of course, Jace has been teaching Bryce his words. It makes sense, since I wouldn’t know if he was saying it right or not.

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It’s ok though, because I taught him how to walk. And together, we’ve been teaching him sign language.

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Since most of my job consists of writing now, I spend a lot of time at home. So I spend more days than not with Bryce and am home when Sophie leaves school.

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I almost feel for Jace. When he gets home, many times he has to cook dinner as well if he doesn’t want pizza or Chinese take out.

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My version of cooking is still whatever can be mixed and dumped into a slow cooker or a casserole dish. Cooking was never my strong suit.

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But if you need something fixed or cleaned, I’m your woman. I’m just glad that now Bryce will stay out of the bathroom if I need to fix a leak instead of trying to play in the toilet.

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Sophie likes her little brother, though I suspect she would’ve been happier to have a sister. She’s the one that picked the colors for the room, and now she has it in her head that the flower patterns on the floor are going to turn Bryce into a girl. I must note that she smiles when she says this.

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Other than conspiring against her brother, she’s a good girl. Gets A’s in her classes and is just fun to be around, even when she starts talking about her favorite TV shows and won’t stop. I might be a bit biased, since I do most of the watching with her, with closed captions on.

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There is always a friend over. Every single day. I think we feed Brittany more than her parents do–she’s over here almost every night.

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She’s also befriended her principal’s son. They’re the same age, both turning eight soon, but they are almost complete opposites. He seems to be destined to grow up to be the stereotypical “nerd” and my daughter is quite the social butterfly, only doing well in school I suspect because it makes us happy.

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They do share a sort of nervous trait, and I wonder if that contributed to her sudden declaration that she wants to be a vegetarian. It came out of nowhere and while Jace will accommodate her, I know he’ll want to know why.

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Fortunately, Bryce doesn’t seem to share that issue. While he is very picky, that’s a phase all kids go through. I think he’ll be our last one now.

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While we thought we wanted 3, we didn’t expect when we were making plans for one of us to be disabled. Having the two we now have has been quite the adventure and I don’t really want to repeat it. All we need now is to get a dog and a white picket fence to be the stereotypical perfect family. I just can’t mention that around Sophie. She and Brittany always wanted a pet and if she sees me talking about it, I’ll never hear the end of it.

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Meanwhile, Dom is just frustrated to find out that he has two more siblings he just heard about. Poor kid very well may never find out about all the siblings he has. I’m sure Val has a couple floating around that even his sister will never know.

Downtown, Lucy Brewer has just had her first birthday!

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Cute little bugger, isn’t she? She’s also very active, very playful and very mean. One nice point. That usually doesn’t impede them from making friends though, so we’ll see.

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And on the other side of the country, Frank April made an unusually hasty decision and moved in with Jodie to be with her during this surprise pregnancy. Since Nate is 18, he and Danny will stay in their previous home till the end of the school year, and then Nate will be heading to college, forcing then only fifteen-year-old Danny to move away with his parents. He may have a chip on his shoulder about that… Baby April is due October 2014.

  • Title ref: Turning Tables – Adele.
  • Both Kalika and Jace are Fortune sims. Neither wants to use money that could be going to their current kids’ college funds on a procedure that may or may mot work and that Kalika can’t even get for another five years. So unless Risky says so, they’re done.
  • By next round, Jace will be able to drive again. I think I was just too lazy to get another car, lol. Oh well.

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