Round 9: June 2014

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Ken January is 43 years old, Amy is 41, Emily Anne and Evan are 10.

Narrated by Ken January

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We decided to move. While I loved our old place, it was only a 2 bedroom and Amy decided it was time that the twins got separate rooms. We might as well have gotten a 3 bedroom from the beginning, even if it was a bit out of our price range. We caught up, eventually.

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I was sure that my devastatingly good looks would get us a great price, but that old biddy quoted something outrageous. I told her no apartment was worth that much, she said something smart I don’t remember and if Amy hadn’t stepped in, I would’ve gone to jail. She smoothed it over like she always does and told me later that the price was so high because it was fully furnished. I felt a little bad then. Only a little though.

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One good thing about this place is that my domain is bigger. I’m not thrilled that it’s blue instead of my favorite red, but I can live with it because I have so much more space now to experiment. And Evan has shown interest in cooking too, so he’s now officially my little helper. He mixes, measures, breaks eggs and with supervision puts food in the oven and takes it out.

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Emmy can always distract him though with a game. I’m glad that they’re still close, but I wish he would rub some of that cuisine interest onto her. Or at least that she would rub a bit of work ethic onto him.

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Evan’s grades were horrible this year, so he’s in summer school. And he has to stay out of the kitchen. Amy’s rule, not mine. I could always use more help making meals.

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So while Emmy can play video games all day, Evan has to go to school and comes home with homework. If I’m upstairs when he gets back, I see him toss his books on his desk, sit down and heave a long sigh. I’d have more sympathy if he hadn’t goofed off all school year.

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At least Amy lets him help me grill on the weekends. I reserved every other Saturday during the lunch hour. I don’t have anything fancy to barbecue, but the little outdoor grill is better than nothing, I guess.

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Emmy got a $1000 prize for an essay contest she won. Who writes essays during the summer? She must be really bored without her brother at home. I suggested she call up her friends or go visit her cousins, but since nobody else wants to stay cooped up inside when it’s warm outside and she considers all her cousins babies, I guess that didn’t fly.

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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The twins are already in double digit age, and they’ll be starting middle school in September. Then it’s high school, and off to college or work and out of the house. I’ll be able to walk around naked if I want to. Amy indulges my dreams with enthusiasm and agrees that two is enough. We can barely afford them. Granted, it would be better if I made more money, but it’s hard, and I’m comfortable being “that guy.”

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Cynthia tells Robert she can’t remember a time she wasn’t pregnant. Robert wisely says nothing. Baby Kim is due September 2014.

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Now that Eunice is showing, she’s officially on maternity leave. Can’t play a contact sport with a pregnant belly. She’s glad now that she and Peter ran to the courthouse last month. With how tired she’s been feeling lately, they never would have made it now. Baby James is due in December.

  • Title ref: Against All Odds – Phil Collins.
  • Emily Anne got the Medium lottery prize. Of course, she’s too young to play, but hey, she was getting A’s in school, so why not get a prize for that?
  • Not much happened in this house, which is never good. Partly why it took so long to play… At least my next house has a toddler. Always fun.

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