Round 9: August 2013

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Jo March is 43, Kerensa is 25.

Narrated by Jo March

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Keri’s in one of her moods again. I almost know the words by heart: we’ve been married almost two years, you said you wanted a couple of kids, just not as many as our parents, I want one too if you remembered, neither of us are getting any younger, you act like that cat is our child and she’s not, all we need to do is go to the doctor.

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Neither of us were born rich, but I guess it’s the age difference; it’s a lot more than going to the doctor. It’s expensive; all kinds of medical tests to make sure that it’s even worth it, then getting my eggs and the donor’s sperm (Keri talked her younger brother into being our donor), mixing everything up and implanting it into Keri, since she’s less likely to have issues with her age. And I’m not even sure my eggs are still viable, being over 40.

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So to make sure we don’t bankrupt ourselves trying to have a child, I’m no longer letting a company handle our food; I’m selling directly to the people. The Good Earth Farmer’s Market is open for business.

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We’re selling oranges, apples and lemons from the orchard, eggplants, pole beans, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers from the garden plots, and fish from the lake. It’s a lot of work, but I find it fulfilling, even more so than my current job.

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When I invited the family over the weekend before school started, I was kind of breaking the news to them. I was slightly nervous about their reaction. While it wouldn’t change my mind on either decision, I’d still want their support.

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Amy was more thrilled to hear about the business than the baby, and was already floating the idea to her kids to help out next summer. I couldn’t actually hire them at eleven, but they can help me tend to the crops before they go up for sale.

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Beth had just come from work, but she had a big smile when I told her about the baby, and her kids were excited about more cousins.

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Meg, the super traditional one, was hardly thrilled about the method we’re using, saying it wasn’t natural, but to do whatever made me happy. Like I didn’t know she would’ve been signing up for IUI next year if Jason hadn’t talked her out of it. Whatever.

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The next day, we were in the fertility clinic talking to a doctor. We–okay, I–got into an argument with the doctor when we explained what we wanted to do. She wanted to say it was easier to use Keri’s egg and a different donor, and I told her that we’d already decided what was happening and she could take her advice and shove it. We’d done the research before we walked in.

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Keri wasn’t happy with me, and said I could have worded it better. I told her that she was welcome to tell the doctor herself then.

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I think she’ll forgive me when this works. It’s not that big of a deal; the doctor won’t sabotage us just because she didn’t like what I said.

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I can’t help but think how much easier it was when I was with Kay. I wasted so much of her life and I regret it. I even had the chance to apologize to her, and she accepted. I tried to have a conversation with her though and remembered why we didn’t work out. I almost think she would’ve been better with Keri than me. I’m just glad Keri’s still willing to put up with me.

  • Title ref: Gimme Sympathy – Metric.
  • Both of them got the You deserve better! ROS. Keri was fine, as Jo is the Sim she is most attracted to. Jo, on the other hand, in raw attraction is slightly stronger with Kaylynn. Remember her? Yeah. They can’t hold a simple conversation. So between that and a flash on screen of a Fall in Love want, I think Jo’s just stressed and looking at a past relationship with rose-colored glasses.
  • I got a bit bored, so Jo started a home-based farmer’s market. I do want all of the nieces and nephews to help out, and maybe one of them can run it one day.
  • Their first IVF cycle worked! I wasn’t expecting it, but the random number generator apparently agrees with Kerensa. Baby March is due in May.

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