Round 9: October 2013

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Owen Fox is 31 years old.

(Stephanie December is 41 years old.)

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My roommate died on me.

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She’d been sick for a while. But she’d been powering through the illness, just saying that it was an annoying cough that would go away eventually. Then I found her cold on the sidewalk when I got home from work.

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I’m going to miss her. I have family in town, but she had nobody. It was sad. And after living together for two years, we were never going to be the best of friends, but for a while, we had each other. I hope she finds some peace.

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In the meantime, I’ve got Stephanie to keep me company. After I retired from the counseling business to make art, the December family was transferred to a new counselor who has really brought the family together. She and I still talk occasionally, and well, we didn’t do much talking this time.

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It just happened. I didn’t plan it, and I don’t want to be seen as taking advantage of a former client. Honestly, she took the lead in this, but if she doesn’t see a problem with it, then I won’t worry. Besides, it’s nothing serious. At least it takes my mind off of the last big thing that happened this month.

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I’ll just continue reading these art history books to try to master a new technique.

In happier news, a child is born!

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Jodie and Frank‘s surprise son looks just like his brothers Tommy and Danny, with medium brown hair and gray eyes.

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In memorial to their oldest, but still acknowledging that this is not the same boy, he is named Jesse Thomas.

  • Title ref: Dangerous – Within Temptation.
  • So, I could have done more to save Edie, yet I didn’t. It’s not that I didn’t like her, but I was kinda more focused on Owen and Steph. Oh well. RIP.
  • This kid was going to have Thomas or a female variant of the name as the middle, but I didn’t come up with a first name until I saw Jodie go into labor. Oops. I like that it’s another boy, though I was hoping for another Nate instead of another Tommy.

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