Round 9: November 2014

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Gregg Newman is 44, Emily Newman is 43, Brittany is 9 and Chandler is 8.

Narrated by Gregg Newman

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Emily has been complaining to me that she’s been gaining weight. Since the move, we’ve been too tired after unpacking boxes to cook, so it’s been a lot of pizza and Chinese for dinner. It’s affected us both; I’ve definitely put on some pounds, but since I don’t need to chase down car thieves and break into drug dens anymore, I don’t get the exercise to work it off. But I’m not concerned about it, and I think Emily looks just as lovely with a curvier figure.

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As usual, though, once Emily sets her mind to something, she sees it through, come hell or high water. So she’s been in the still-unused basement most nights, using an old punching bag I used to train with. She insists she’s not trying to get fit, just losing the extra weight she’s gained in the past few months.

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Chandler, the more active of the kids, has been fascinated with it ever since Emily pulled it out of storage. I’ve found him downstairs occasionally, trying to throw a decent punch. I told him that I’ll teach him how to fight properly on the weekend.

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I know he’d prefer Emily to do it, but she tends to be pretty single-minded about her goals, to the detriment of everything else. He’s still our baby though; he always greets us both when we get home from work.

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Brittany feels she’s a bit old to run outside to greet us now, and she’s still a bit angry that we moved so far away from her best friend Sophie that they can’t see each other every day after school anymore. She’s complaining that she’ll die if she only has her brother for company, but we remind her that we can easily drive her back to the Heights on the weekends.

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We celebrated Thanksgiving a bit differently this year, going for salmon as opposed to the traditional turkey. The original plan was to have Jodie over and for her to cook for us, but with everything that’s happened this year to her, it changed everything. She definitely can’t travel with Jesse so young, and since the rest of the family moved to her, she has less reason to come back here.

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We signed up for a meal delivery service and have not been disappointed. Now I understand why they’re so popular. It makes cooking for a family so easy.

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And then, our car gets stolen. We never had an alarm put on it, and we hadn’t gotten around to calling our home security system to reinstate our service at our new address. Since I want to set an example for the kids, I called the police. They told me that they would put out an APB, but there wasn’t much hope of getting it back. They were fearful when they said it, though, like I would have them fired for telling me that. It was my own fault; I wouldn’t try to end their careers due to forgetfulness on my part.

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Kerensa is more than glad all the morning sickness is over, and she’s making sure to take it easy in preparation for the birth of her child. Baby March is due in May.

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Now look at these two pictures. They look nice, don’t they? Ren and Nate finding love at college. Don’t let these pictures fool you. While Ren went to college with the teen Ivy Copur and Nate went with Melody Tinker, as soon as I finished aging them up and had Ren call Melody, they suddenly had three bolts. Poor Ivy doesn’t have a chance. And this is the second girl Nate’s fallen in love with that has fallen in love with his best friend instead. They won’t even take each other as a consolation prize. But I might have an idea as to what I’ll do with Nate… depends on what happens over the next few sim-years.

  • Title ref: Halo – Beyonce.
  • So I moved this family here forgetting that this is technically a 2 bedroom house with a finished basement. So I’m basically waiting for these two to become teen to see who gets the basement. Lazy, but it took me forever to decorate and I don’t feel like doing it again.
  • We’re almost to the end of the round people! Just one more house!

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