Round 9: December 2014

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Michael June is 26 and Sabrina June is 29.

(Kevin Wilson is 55.)

Narrated by Sabrina June

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I’m worrying about Michael.

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He’s sounding worried about our choice of profession. And bringing up reasons that we need to reconsider, like if we get caught, we’ll both go to jail and if we have a child, neither of us will be able to take care of him or her.

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I haven’t kept him distracted enough. Time to bring out the big guns. I decided it was time for Michael to meet my daddy.

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He came over and talked to us like a normal father visiting his daughter and son-in-law. I appreciated that he didn’t immediately start threatening to break legs, like he did when I told him my problem. Michael liked him right away, which was good; it would make our next meeting so much easier.

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The next meeting was the day after our anniversary, at Daddy’s house. There, away from potential spying ears, I told him that people do not walk away from The Business. They may limp away, or roll away, but most often they leave The Business for the morgue. And besides, with a little one on the way, it would be unfortunate for him or her to grow up without a father.

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I think he got the point. He hasn’t mentioned it again, and he’s even been exercising more often, to keep himself fit.

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He’s overjoyed that I’m pregnant, but I can tell he’s really disconcerted by what happened. I’m trying to keep his mind on the baby and not me, so we can still have a merry Christmas.

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Rika has had a very special birthday!

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At twelve years old, Rika already knows she wants to be a scientist. Her mother is pleased, but wants her to keep working and is actually telling Ren to keep up with his sister, and that he should be ashamed, letting a kid beat his GPA at 19 years old.

The James twins now have a younger brother!

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Keaton James was born on December 24 to an overjoyed and awed Eunice James and Peter Sims, recently married. He already looks a lot like his big brothers, and I can’t wait to see how much they’ll resemble and differ from each other.

  • Title ref: Wicked Ones – Dorothy.
  • Mike has the Be your own boss ROS, but considering his job, things tend to “happen” to ex-criminals. So Sabrina considered it her duty to warn him.
  • I created her father. He’s a PNPC so he may pop up elsewhere.
  • Baby June is due in September.
  • I’m embarrassed that I forgot Eunice’s pregnancy. I’ve updated earlier posts with her progress pics.

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