Round 10: January 2015

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Joe Carr and Madison November-Carr are 42 years old and Rachel is 5.

Narrated by Madison November-Carr

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We’re a quiet family, and we thought moving to a more affluent neighborhood would cut down on the noise. We were wrong. People in this neighborhood are just as rowdy at New Year’s as they were in our old neighborhood.

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Granted, in our old neighborhood, Rachel was right around the corner from her best friend Rebecca, but they attend the same school, though Rachel is in the advanced program. And Rachel never complained about moving, though I asked her often if she was ok with everything.

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Since the kindergarten program starts later then the higher grades, Rachel and I get to eat breakfast together. I don’t need to be at work until 11am, so after Joe leaves, we get some special girl time. We have breakfast, I check over her homework, and then I drop her off at school on my way to work.

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Rachel is a total daddy’s girl though. She launches herself at him when he gets home. He’s moved from personal injury to family law, saying he was tired of chasing ambulances. It gives him slightly better hours, since now the nanny only needs to come for an hour three days a week. I’d love it if he could keep those hours, but Joe is ambitious, just like me.

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On the days I’m home alone, I tend to spend the morning cleaning and the afternoon browsing astronomy websites. I like to call myself a star enthusiast, and I spent many hours gazing at the night sky in our old neighborhood.

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I guess there’s crime in every neighborhood, because we had a burglar! Fortunately I learned the lesson from last time and had an alarm installed immediately, since the police arrived before anything was actually stolen. Apparently there’s been a theft epidemic in the city, since only a couple of months ago, the police chief’s car was stolen. And if he can be stolen from, I worry about our safety.

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I also worry about Rachel’s state of mind. She has not been doing well in school at all. The teacher says she’s withdrawn and hasn’t made any friends in her class. Maybe she should see a therapist? Joe says she’s probably fine, but I want to make sure.

  • Title ref: Strangeness and charm – Florence + the Machine.
  • The police once again got handed their butts by the burglar. Sigh.
  • Madison is a natural worrier, so of course she wants to send Rachel to a therapist. I feel like Madison would have made a great lobbyist, but she loves sports.
  • They were fortunate; between the law career reward and the hack that lets them make money from blogging about a hobby if they’ve maxed enthusiasm, they were able to decorate their home. I thought they’d have plenty of money after moving, but I was wrong. They don’t have another car yet.

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