Round 10: March 2015

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Stephanie December is 42 years old, Adrienne, Cornell, and Katherine are 13.

(Alon Livingston is 14).

Narrated by Katie December

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I see Alon most days dropping off the newspaper. He’s in high school now, but he still talks to me and gives me a hug when he sees me. It makes me feel special. I hope he’s still as nice when I get to high school too.

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I introduced the others to him too, and Adri seems to really like him, but not as much as she likes her books. Is it bad I’m kind of relieved? I do love my sister, but he was my friend first.

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I’ve been working hard at school, and I now have an A average! That means I’m eligible for a scholarship to college. I kind of want to go, but that’s a long way away and I don’t know if I’ll change my mind. I know I can’t be a lawyer if I don’t go, but I can be a musician with or without it.

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I haven’t mentioned this to Mom yet, because I know she wants all of us to go to college, no matter what. And she’s been so supportive of my music, I’d feel bad to disappoint her by not going. She even paid to have a repairman come in and fix my piano, and she doesn’t like spending money she doesn’t have to spend.

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I did tell Adri about my feelings, and she told me to just major in music when I do go to college. That way, most of my classes would be fun. That made me feel better about going. And she told me I had to come so she didn’t have to share her room with some random weirdo. That just made me laugh.

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We all try to have at least one meal as a family. That’s usually breakfast, since Mom works late a lot. On the days she’s less busy, it’s dinner. Mom cooks and we talk about our days. And today, Cornell had news. He was in a basketball tournament and won. He got a trophy and $600! Mom immediately held out her hand and he gave her the check. We all already know it’s going in his college fund.

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After dinner, we tend to all talk to our friends on the phone. We’re actually the oldest in our age group and the oldest at school so most of our friends are younger. Their parents have really strict curfews, like being home before dark, so they don’t come home with us often since we live across town from everyone else.

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But we all have something to do. I play piano, Cornell plays basketball, and Adri has started dancing of all things on the ballet bar Mom set up recently. She said since she never got to live her dream of becoming a dancer, she can at least exercise like one.

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Sabrina is quite pleased with her cute baby bump and now that the nausea has passed, is starting to enjoy her pregnancy, when she can stay awake. Baby June is due in September.

  • Title ref: Coming Up Strong – Karmin.
  • Cornell had the Small Lottery Prize ROS. Almost forgot. Whoops.