These are the families that created themselves without any help or interference on my part. Remember, behind all my sims is a whole community of others, whether in the spotlight or not.

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Marylena Hamilton was the first person Devlin October showed any interest in, only to hook him up with her best friend Christy Stratton. It worked out better for all of them, including Alton Bradley, the guy she passed Devlin up for. She convinced him to give up his persona of “Mr. Big” and his job of professional party guest to put his pre-med bachelor’s degree to good use. Alton just moved from the GP to a specialty office while still providing most care for the residents of Newtopia Heights. Marylena is teaching at the school, and both are balancing work with raising their two young children, Arden and Ellis.

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When Michelle Tse moved out of the December house, where she helped Steph and Chris keep their triplets fed, changed and entertained, she moved in with Julien Cooke. While the two are neither exclusive nor show any inclination to be, they get along well, mutually love cooking and each other. He is cooking at a restaurant downtown and she is a business executive at a firm trying to develop the downtown area.

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Robert and Cynthia Kim are has-been TV stars with three sons and a daughter, Justin, Abigail, Oliver and Patrick. Robert is a corporate attorney for a law firm in the city. Cynthia, on the other hand, wants to be a famous chef but has to settle for head cook at a local family restaurant for now.

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Chester Gieke and Brandi LeTourneau are a happily married young couple with a daughter, Millie, and a son, Hudson. Chester moved here to find his purpose in life and found his wife. He currently works under the tutelage of Alastair May, though he’d rather work with objects made of silicone and copper than carbon and oxygen. Brandi is breaking into the dance industry as a backup dancer for way more popular people.

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Amy Jones, after breaking up with Michael June, graduated with a degree in biology and moved to a tiny apartment downtown. She kept in touch with Francis Brewer, who had been after her their entire time in university. They started dating and instantly clicked; now they’re married with daughter Lucy, with Amy working in oceanography and Francis teaching at the local school.