First of all, I’d like to say that the desire to create this is almost completely because of Carla’s Sullivan. She’s blogged it almost completely from the beginning, making it easy to follow, and she updates almost every day, keeping the story moving quickly. Then there are others, like Wellington and Lakeside Heights, whose ideas I’ve stolen or modified to work in this hood.

This is the story of twelve families originally (conveniently named after months of the year) and others as time goes on, who moved from cities, suburbs and small towns to Newtopia Heights, an abandoned ghost town recently rezoned for development. Some wanted a chance to start over, others were looking for a place to finally bloom. We’ll see what they make of their second chance.

To follow a certain family, just go to the Families widget and pick the family of your choice from the drop down menu. To follow a particular sim, find their name in the tag cloud under Residents, Past and Present. Or if you are a person that likes to start at the beginning, just start here. But if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t look at any profiles (linked to names and updated after every household post) or the white pages (at top and updated every round).

Total Population: 42 sims (41 living, 1 deceased)
Current Round: 4
Current Houses Ahead of Blog: 5